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Around the Falls: Christmas in the ancient village
December 05, 2008

  • You can find the living crib – one of the most beautiful in all Umbria -, but there are also other events organized by the Municipality of Arrone in collaboration with the local associations. A very beautiful Christmas 2008, near Marmore Falls. In our website, you can find all the information about the events. A rich programme and free, in the medieval village of Arrone: from the living crib, to the Feast of Coming, the concerts, the Christmas songs and so on. The municipal administration gives good wishes for Christmas. The programme for Christmas 2008:
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Around the Falls: the Feast of Coming
December 04, 2008

  • In accordance with the popular tradition the Holy House where Lady Mary received the Annunciation of the Angel has been moved from Palestina to Loreto – Marche – in 1924. The angels made the miracle. When they flow over the Nerina Valley, in the countryside, people did fires and in the churches sounded for the glorification of the passage. It is the “Feast of Coming”, celebrated in the medieval village of Arrone (6 km far from Marmore Falls) on Monday, the 8th December at 6.30p.m. in S. Maria Assunta church and the “Tubilustrum ensemble” do a concert directed by the professor Andrea di Mario. The appointment is at 8.00p.m.: As the tradition wants, they make fires with the possibility to taste bruschetta, sausages, wine and new oils, all without payment. On Tuesday, the 9th December at 11.00p.m. the bells of San Giovanni church will ring. They ring since years, it is an ancient work for them, born 11 years ago. Photo below: the group of Arrone
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December in the Falls, full of feasts and events
December 03, 2008

  • A lot of people during the summer. But also during the winter the landscape is beautiful, with their colours – in December prevails the red. In this season the Falls are wonderful. And it justifies the visit but there is more. The Christmas time is coming, then the New Year and the Epiphany and also a lot of events around the Falls. No limits to the fantasy: from the artistic cribs to the living ones along the medieval villages and in the routes of Nerina Valley. There is torchlight procession (very suggestive during the Epiphany and canoeing along the Nera river) the concerts, the exhibitions and so on. We will provide, in our website, programmes, dates, timetables, and photographic documentation. In the centre of Terni will be “little events” in different parts of the city. The artists involve people. The dates will be the 13th , the 19th , the 20th and the 27th December. The 8th December will be a torchlight procession in Miranda near Terni that switch on the Christmas star at the top of the mountain, close to the Upper Outlook of the Falls. Then the artistic and living cribs around Marmore Falls. Many things to do and to chiose: that in Arrone (living crib) is between the most beautiful crib in Umbria, that in Cesi (artistic crib) on the lake. Then also Torreorsina (artistic crib) and Porzano (living crib) without forget the ancient mill-track that links Nicciano to Gabbio, now opened again for trekking. There you can find many artistic cribs. At the end concerts and feats like “La Festa della Venuta” in Arrone, the 8th December. In according with the popular opinion the Holy House where the Virgin Mary received the Announciation by the angel has been moved from Palestina to Loreto – Marche . in 1294. The angel made the miracle. When they flow over the Nerina Valley, many fires have made in the countryside and the churches sounded to glorify the passing. The association in Arrone repeats the event with the fire and the sound of the bells during the night. Bruschetta, new oil, wines and typical dishes. A very good idea! Information: Marmore Falls ticket office, tel. +39.0744.62982 IAT del Ternano (Local Tourist Office), tel +39.0744.423047
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The Falls on Mickey Mouse: the magician Papernova hadn’t success
November 28, 2008

  • Now it’s sure: the Falls don’t bring fortune to the magician. And after flop of Casanova, correspondent of the TV programme “Striscia la notizia” to challenge the highest drop in Europe. The 4th of November the operators of the Falls were surprised: in the number 2762 of the cartoon, the magician Papernova wanted to play in the “ Marmot” Falls as for Donald Duck’s Uncle Scrooge, TV producer of the show “escape from the Falls”. Papernova like Casanova, chained inside a safe hanging in the air, he would set free before reaching the waters… unfortunately he didn’t manage to do it. Papernova undergoes a spell by the magician and becomes a funk…so good bye to the show. Don’t wait the next numbers of the cartoon: we think to recover…but it wasn’t possible. The ducking-magician, together with Donald Duck and Paperoga arrive in Naples and then in Transilvania, in a long wander to find the portion, able to become again normal. The worker of Marmore Falls – the society which manages the tourist services of the area – were interested to the adventures of Papernova. Even if adults, in the office there was the certoon of Mickey Mouse…but now no more. P.S. The magician Casanova tried again the experiment after months later and managed to do it. The workers of Marmore Falls thanks him for choosing the Falls like the location for the exhibition and they wait him again for another experiment. They above all thank him for the social activities ( for children) far from the TV programmes.
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Around the Falls: the holy music in the southern Umbria
November 25, 2008

  • “The progress of a society is not only an economical manner but above all the intensity of the cultural events…”. The introduction of Alberto Sganappa, the assessor of the culture in the Province of Terni, seizes the opportunity, in the music kermes “Sacro Suono” to say these words. From 15th November 2008 to 5th January 2009 the Province of Terni and the Umbrian region (the organized body) have a programme of holy music, expression of different civilizations. It is a festival of holy music from 4 parts of the world where beauties and history of the southern Umbria have an important role and scenery. It takes part in the medieval villages and the pre-roman settlements with concerts, tastes, guided visits. All is free, except the tasting and the collection will be for the local tourist office for helping it in the organization of other events. It starts on Saturday, 15th November in Attigliano and finish on 5th January in Amelia. There is the possibility to see also a web site: It will be also the bus-shuttle service that links Terni with the different locations interested in the events. The departure is from piazza Valnerina (Terni) at 7.30p.m. The service will be free but booked, calling the number: +39.347.9135694 Information: Tel. +39.0744.426743 – +39.393.9212082;; e-mail: Here you are the programme of the kermes: ATTIGLIANO – SATURDAY 15TH NOVEMBER At 4.30a.m. – Guided visit in the historic centre of Avigliano At 7.30p.m. – Tasting of typical dishes organized by the local tourist office by the parish room - €10.00 : the booking is compulsory Then tasting of cakes by the high school A. Casagrande At 21.00 – Church San Lorenzo Martire: Archaic, from the Gregorian to Klezmer along the Danube ALVIANO – SATURDAY 22ND NOVEMBER At 10.00a.m. – Guided visit to the naturalistic oasis, in collaboration with WWF At 4.30p.m. – Guided visit to the Castle and the museum of Alviano, in collaboration with Sistema Museo At 7.30a.m. – Tasting with local typical dishes organized by the local tourist office of Alviano in the castle - €10.00 : the booking is compulsory At 9.00p.m. – Church of Santa Maria Assunta: Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Bella gente d’Appennino – reading for voice and violin CIVITELLA DEL LAGO – SATURDAY 6TH DECEMBER At 3.30p.m. – Guided visit to the archaeological excavations of Scoppieto, in collaboration with Sistema Museo Then the guided visit to the historic centre of Civitella del Lago and the museum dell’Ovo Pinto At 7.30p.m. – Guided visit to the Morelli oil press and tasting with typical dishes At 9.00p.m. – Parish church: Schola Cantorum Don Bruno Medori, Gospel… waiting Christmas AMELIA – SUNDAY 7TH DECEMBER At 3.30p.m. – Guided visit to Palazzo Venturelli and Palazzo Farrattini and, then, guided visit of the archaeological museum in Amelia, in collaboration with Sistema Museo At 6.00p.m. – Tasting with typical dishes of Amelia by the Boccarini Cloister At 7.30p.m. –Boccarini room– concert: spirituals from India MONTECCHIO – SATURDAY 13RD DECEMBER At 9.30°.m – Visit to the Falasco wine factory, to the Oil museum –Bartolomei anciet oil press, Scianca sausage factory and the Montecchio oil mill Cooperative At 15.30 – Guided visit to the centre and to the municipal Antiquarium of Tenaglie in collaboration with Sistema Museo At 7.30p.m. – Tasting with local typical dishes organized by the local tourist office of Montecchio - €10,00: the booking is compulsory At 9.00p.m. – Church of Santa Maria Assunta: Micrologus, Cortonesi Lauda GIOVE – SUNDAY 14tTH DECEMBER From 3.00p.m. - Guided visit to the castle with music and medieval dancing At 8.30p.m. - In the living-room of the castle – medieval dinner thanks to the hihg school A. Casagrande of Terni and the local tourist office of Giove – € 35,00 – the booking is compulsory During the dinner, singing and medieval dancing thanks to the association Rythm and Ad Maiora: Medievalia, exhibitions in the castle’s rooms of Giove BASCHI – FRIDAY 19TH DECEMBER At 3.00p.m. – Guided visit to the centre and of the Antiquarium in collaboration with Sistema Museo At 7.00p.m. – Tasting with local typical dishes by the Podere Vaglie cellar in the municipal conference room At 9.00p.m. – Church of San Nicolò: N’Harmone Gospel Voices PENNA IN TEVERINA – SATURDAY 20TH DECEMBER At 3.30p.m. – Guided visit to the centre and of the Italian garden by the Prof. Emilio Lucci At 4.30p.m. – Inauguration of the permanent artistic crib At 6.30p.m. – Tasting with local typical dishes by the Marchesa Costanza social centre in San Valentino square At 9.00p.m. – Church of Santa Maria della Neve: Musicians of the little village, Stella Cometa – singing near the crib, concert of the Italian tradition Christmas singing GUARDEA – SUNDAY 21ST DECEMBER At 7.30p.m. – Tasting with local typical dishes organized by the local tourist office of Guardea by Largo Mazzini - €10,00 the booking is compulsory At 9.00p.m. – Church SS. Pietro and Cesareo: Moni Ovadia and Arkè String Quartet, Kavanàh, stories and singing of the Hebrew spirituality LUGNANO IN TEVERINA – SUNDAY 28TH DECEMBER At 3.00p.m. – Guided visit to the centre and of the Antiquarium in collaboration with Sistema Museo At 6.:00 p.m. – Living crib in the centre thanks to Clarc association At 7.00 p.m. – Tasting with local typical dishes At 9.00 p.m. – Church of Collegiata: Pamela Villoresi, God in the Maternity AMELIA – MONDAY 05TH YANUARY At 3.00 p.m. – Guided visit to the roman cisterns thanks to the I Poligonali association At 9.00 p.m. – The Cathedral of Amelia: Angelo Branduardi, the Franciscan Lauda
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Around the Falls: a tour in the oil press among bruschetta and pedals
November 20, 2008

  • The Autumn is the best period to go with the mountain bike. Good temperature, routes suitable thanks to the rains, forgotten perfumes since a year: mushrooms, truffles, chestnuts, oil…already new oil. How is possible that the growing symbol of the Nerina Valley links with the passion for the pedals? With a tour to the ancient Costantini oil press in Precetto and Ferentillo, not far from the Marmore Falls. the school of mountain bike service will organize the tour on Saturday, 22nd November in collaboration with La Loggia del Nera Country House and the programme will be very interesting. After doing the tour along “the olive street” in the afternoon (at 4.30p.m.) will arrive to Precetto where is the oil press. . You will be the possibility to know some techniques, in a rough landscape, rich of rocks and medieval villages to the border between remote lands: the State of the Church and the Reigns of the two Sicily. The mill maintains the original structure of stone belongs to the 800s; today is all mechanized but inside preserves still the ancient grindstone. The visitors can observe all the production phases. The oil, extracted with the dripping technique when cold, will be tasted with bruschetta and dishes with cooked bean on fire. We wait for you on Saturday, 22nd November in Arrone ( 6 kilometres far from Marmore Falls) by the Mountain bike service centre. Don’t forget it! Information: A.S.D. Blob Service 05031 – Arrone (Terni) Tel/fax +39.0744-389998 La loggia sul Nera Country House 05031 – Arrone (Terni) Tel. +39.347 4970188 e-mail:
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Around the Falls: the ancient mule-track opened for trekking in the middle of the wood
November 20, 2008

  • The track “Nicciano-Gabbio” has been opened few days ago with an official ceremony in the little village of Nicciano. It is an ancient mule-track that linked Ferentillo to Spoleto, lived by shepherds, artisans and coalmen; today became a track of two kilometres and half in fifty minutes round trip. Suitable for families, lovers of nature, trekking and mountain bike. The initiative takes part of the project “we adopt the park”, I mean the Nera Fluvial Park. It is organized in collaboration with the social cooperative Actl Terni, Mountain Service Rescue, “the Nera Valley and St. Pancrazio Mountain” I mean the Nera Fluvial Park. Thanks to the schools of Ferentillo and Arrone (both medieval villages near Marmore Waterfall), to the coordination of the guides who works in the Falls ( the enterprises that manages the tourist services in the area), the ancient mule-track has been transformed in a trekking route includes between the little villages of Nucciano and Gabbio, in Ferentillo area. Safety measures and route indications of the most important naturalistic and environmental area, explanation panels have been put near the historical witnesses. A day surrounded by nature with the possibility to do sports, study the rests of the ancient human settlements and see the witnesses of the industrial archaeology. The historical witnesses, moreover, have been explained (thanks to the panels) by the staffs of the Botanical Garden in Marmore Falls. They collaborate with the university. A curiosity: during December the track will be the “ track of cribs”, a natural location for many cribs prepared inside the medieval churches and in the votive aedicule. An occasion for visit them!
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Lady Cucinotta to the cine-festival "People and religions"
November 13, 2008

  • It will be tomorrow, Friday 14th November, the eighth day of the Film Festival: people and religions. Maria Grazia Cucinotta (photo) also this year will be the godmother of the cinematographic festival organized by Istess ( the Institute for socio-historical and theological Studies of Terni diocese). It is an idea of the bishop Vincenzo Paglia. She has been invited for twice. The first was last year. The Festival 2008, supported by the Municipality of Terni and the Ministry of Culture, faces up the theme “freedom and the religion”, I mean the religious freedom but also the freedom in the religion. Ten days of events from the 7th to the 16th November with showings, previews, round tables, exhibitions and so on. It is not far from the Falls, only 7 kilometres. An attention dedicated to Cina, seen like the continent of the Olympian games but also of religious, social, cultural and political problems. Showing on the subjects dedicated , like the persecutions of the Christians, unfortunately lived in different countries all over the world, or the “irritating” priests, persecuted by the catholic church, like Primo Mazzolari whose a full day has been dedicated. Other important themes are about the screening of films, concerts and debates, about the persecutions of the Jewish during the second world war and the “silences” of Pius XII. A prize to the carrier for Alessandro D’Alatri, author of “Eden Gardens”, a film about the youth of Jesus, well played by Kim Rossi Stuart. It is only a part of programme until Sunday, the 16th , when the festival says goodbye for the next season. It is very interesting to go in some places of the kermes like the diocesan museum, the cenacle of Saint Marc and the cinema “cityplex” Politeama. All the Falls placed: Terni. Film festival people and religions Organized secretary the Institute for socio-historical and theological Studies Via del Leone, 12 - 05100 Terni Tel. +39.0744.424786 Fax +39.0744.437336 e-mail: Communications, publishing initiatives, press office Arnaldo Casali Piazza Duomo, 9 - 05100 Terni Tel. +39.0744.546551 - +39.347.4569510 e-mail:
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It starts "the Park is"; to discover the environment and culture along the river Tiber
November 12, 2008

  • A project in collaboration with the Umbrian Region, the Province of Perugia and Terni and the cooperative Sistema Museo. The “Park is” represents a new way for living the Tiber Fluvial Park. A little place in Umbria of mountains, waters, traditions, typical dishes: from monte Castello di Vibo to Alviano, the Park planned a route of about 50 kms following the river Tiber, sometimes calm, sometimes “nervous” until Corbara Lake and the Oasis of Alviano. “The initiative was born to know to everybody that the Park is present and wants to be the protagonist”, explain the president Isauro Grasselli. Il progetto mira a promuovere la conoscenza delle risorse ambientali, storiche, antropologiche presenti nell’area grazie a una serie di iniziative previste nei mesi di novembre e dicembre 2008. The activities: • Archaeological park: archaeological routes between Orvieto, Montecchio, Baschi and Todi. The dates of the programme: 13 and 23 November, 4 and 6 December 2008 • The tastes : gastronomic routes: the traces of the past in this territory. The dates of the programme are: 17th and 30th November, 3rd, 7th, 15th and 17th December 2008 • Between the park and the art: cultural routes to discover little villages and their artistic and historical emergencies. The dates of the programme are: 8, 14, 18 and 28 December 2008 • And obviously… the park: the excursion on the territories finalized to a direct knowledge of the naturalistic reality. The dates of the programme are: 29 November, 6 e 13 December 2008 Important is to put the attention to the school, in particular the children and the young people. For them, there is “the Park for the children”, didactical activities to stimulate the fantasy and the imagination. Many things to do: works with the clay, the signs made by men during the centuries, the plays to know the agricultural tools, the instruments to escape from the castle and the realization of the masks for the exhibition. And also, a competition of ideas and paintings to choose the mascot of the park relating to the activities in the future dedicated to the relationship between the environment and the territory. Every week is possible to have information about the activities, dates and timetables visiting the internet site For further information: Soc. coop. Sistema Museo Tel. +* *The cost of the call from the telephone of Telecom Italia, 10 cents every minute, with VAT without the payment to the answer, every day, 24/24 h. For call from other operator the prices are indicated in the customer service of the operator himself. The Tiber Fluvial Park Piazza Umberto I, n°16 05020 • Civitella del Lago (TR)
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Flight with the helicopter above the Falls. A new service for the tourists
November 12, 2008

  • Almost hundred people, 18 flights between 3.00p.m. and 5.00p.m., 5 other flights in relation to the flights already booked and for someone wasn’t possible to do it. The flight with the helicopter above Marmore Falls had a great success. “we did all we could and we are sorry if someone wasn’t satisfied but there was an exploit and we hadn’t idea about that” says Carlo Andreucci, the president of the 165m Travel agency, the organizer of the event. Many people decided to spend a different Sunday – on 26th October – doing a panoramic tour above the Falls and then also above Piediluco Lake Fifteen minutes in the Tiber laboratory, the Roman society specialized in tourist flights and pilots like Gianni Bugno, the former bicycle champion. He has been recognized by many people. He was the pilot of the second helicopter. Satisfaction for the organizers, satisfaction for the tourists and prospects for the future. The other promotional event: the exhibition of the Lilt (Italian League for the fight against the cancer of the breast) with information points inside the area for the occasion of the day dedicated to the prevention, was an interesting input for the next season.
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