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The "Enchanted Story" of the Falls conquered the children
November 08, 2008

  • Giulia is a little girl who with her parents visited the Falls few days ago. She comes from the North of Italy and is one of many little girls completely ravished by the book that tells “the enchanted story of the Falls” . We are in the Upper Outlook and Giulia begin to read the book and forget everything around her. She has been completely ravished by the story between the shepherd Velino and the nymph Nera, the legend that during the century creates the Marmora Waterfall thanks to their love. Read… and force her parents to stay their to finish the book; only after reading the book, the visit cab start. Giulia is an invented name but the episode is really happened. The “Enchanted Story” is a great success, a cartoon invented by the workers of Marmore Falls. They worked hard to show the legend and about the love between the shepherd Velino and the nymph Nera, a love so strong to win the rage of Gods. Three months of hard work – but also amusement – repaid with the appreciation of the children who more often exit from the ticket-office with the book of the “Enchanted Story”. On the other hand if you read the first lines, you will ravish soon: Many years ago the world was different. There was the earth lived by human beings and animals, and an earth lived by fairies and supernatural creatures. Our story begins now…I mean the earth lived by fairies…
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The Falls on Mickey Mouse: the magician Papernova is performing for Donald Duck’s Uncle Scrooge
November 04, 2008

  • “In the Marmots Falls, the marmots don’t sleep… it is excitement!”. The magician Papernova is performing for Donald Duck’s Uncle Scrooge, TV producer of the show Escape from the Falls. And “it set the record of listening!”, warned the richest gosling of the world. The last number of Mickey Mouse, news-stand today 4th November, you will find a surprise to the Marmore Falls…excuse me, of the marmots. The magician Paperoga is the title of the first chapter about a funny story that ends in the next number of the balloon. The story has been inspired to the exhibition of the Magician Casanova for the Italian TV programme “Striscia la Notizia” created by Ricci. About a year ago, the magician Casanova failed: he didn’t manage to exit from the box placed above the Velino river that flows into the Nera river. Now Paperoga tries to do it. The Falls is called the Marmots Falls and the helping aren’t the workers of Marmore Falls (the society that manages the tourist service of the area) but Donald Duck and Paperoga. The producer isn’t Berlusconi but Donald Duck’s Uncle Scrooge. All is ok: to know if the magician Donald Duck will be quicker than the magician Casanova, you must read the next number of Mickey Mouse. Nobody knew that the Falls will be in the most famous balloon of the world. A great satisfaction for the tourist workers, surprised and happy for taking part in the editing project of the Walt Disney.
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The project “Ternanan Mountain” begins. Holidays between nature and history
November 03, 2008

  • It refers to Terre Arnolfe, where the lonbards choose Cesi like stronghold of the territory, and Marmore Falls, in the heart of the Nera Fluvial Park. The Serra Valley, rich of cultural and historical references, crossed by the ancient via Flaminia, a natural link to Spoleto many years ago. It is the Ternanan mountain – a tourist system of the ancient villages – where the nature is still uncontaminated. Not only a slogan, but a real project able to offer other itineraries and not only the usual visit to the Byron square, at the bottom of the highest Falls in Europe. All this thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality of Terni and the districts – the IV, the V and the VI, that are around the area and have the merit to offer many opportunities for a particular tourism, mix of nature, environment, sport, typical dishes, wines, history and culture. And many other offers: free flight form the Mountain of Cesi, the visit to the cave called “Eolia” and to the throats of Serra, in security thanks to the work of the skilled instructors. There is, moreover, the didactical offer with the naturalistic museums, the documentation centres, laboratories did by the university, camps e farms, born to conjugate amusement and learning. But don’t forget the offers organized by 165m Travel agency, for whom wants to stay around this area. In this case several services are available, bus shuttle for transfers, guide visits and more. In short, many things to do for a holiday far from the daily routine. Information and booking: 165m Travel Agency tel. +39.0744.429255 / fax+39.0744.404235 e-mail: ; Web Address:
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The Falls become rose to prevent the cancer of the breast
October 28, 2008

  • “A beautiful spectacle”. The comment of Stefano Notari, the manager of Marmore Falls, the association of enterprises which manage the tourist services of Marmore Falls. He refers to the event organized by the Italian League for the fight against the cancer – Lilt, the provincial section of Terni – on Sunday, the 26th October: for that occasion from 5.00p.m. the tourists arrive like in August ( thousand of people) to admire the drop in different way. They saw that the Falls became “rose”, thanks to the smoke made by the guides of the staff. An original result: for 15 minutes a “rose flake” winded the waters (photo) giving an important sense to the Lilt campaign. A sensitize campaign about the theme for the prevention of the breast cancer. “the password is to prevent – explain Franco Buzzi, the provincial president of Lilt -, it has been certified that the 70% of the cancers are due to a wrong way of life”. Many tourists stopped in the information points of the Lower Outlook (Byron square) on Sunday. This is the goal of the exhibition. Beyond the smoke, also the flight with the helicopter above the Falls. After Marmore Falls, the helicopters flies also above Piediluco Lake. And right in the waters of the lake there has been polystyrene written: “the prevention is life”.
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The flight above the Falls, a great success
October 27, 2008

  • Almost hundred people, 18 flights between 3.00p.m. and 5.00p.m., 5 other flights in relation to the flights already booked and for someone wasn’t possible to do it. The flight with the helicopter above Marmore Falls had a great success. “we did all we could and we are sorry if someone wasn’t satisfied but there was an exploit and we hadn’t idea about that” says Carlo Andreucci, the president of the 165m Travel agency, the organizer of the event. Many people decided to spend a different Sunday – on 26th October – doing a panoramic tour above the Falls and then also above Piediluco Lake Fifteen minutes in the Tiber laboratory, the Roman society specialized in tourist flights and pilots like Gianni Bugno, the former bicycle champion. He has been recognized by many people. He was the pilot of the second helicopter. Satisfaction for the organizers, satisfaction for the tourists and prospects for the future. The other promotional event: the exhibition of the Lilt (Italian League for the fight against the cancer of the breast) with information points inside the area for the occasion of the day dedicated to the prevention, was an interesting input for the next season. And now Marmore Falls (the society that manages the tourist services of the Falls), the Municipality of Terni and Atc ( Local Public Transportation that manages the air-surface) start an hard work to make permanent the “tourist flight with the helicopter above Marmore Falls”. because of the complex of the service, it will be on booking and will be possible only after reaching the minimum number of adhesions.
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A new tourist service on Sunday, the 26th: with the helicopter above the Falls
October 22, 2008

  • It should be nice. Very nice. This is the reason why Atc (Local Bus Transportation) and Marmore Falls (the society which manages the tourist services of the Waterfall) think about that. Flight above the Falls is the name of the service. The tourist flight with the helicopter above the Falls and the Piediluco Lake, a good occasion for people who want strong emotion and search the adventure. This is an agreement with the Roman society “Tevere Laboratory”, which provides machines, pilots and air-surface of Terni, an equipped base for this kind of services. On Sunday, the 26th October from 3.00p.m. to 5.00p.m., max 5 people each time for a tour with the helicopter of about 10/15 minutes. Fly high above the Falls and above Piediluco Lake. You can register you name and surname within 1.00p.m. of Saturday, the 25th October, calling the travel agency 165M Falls: +39.0744.429255. It is an experiment at the moment but the goal is to become like an additional service, maybe during the days of maxim tourist afflux – if the tourists themselves demonstrate appreciation. The initiative is linked to the kermes organized with the collaboration with the provincial section of Terni “ Italian association for the fight against the cancer” (Lilt). The flyover with the helicopter but also the “pink flake” to colour for fifteen minutes the waters of the Falls (from 5.00p.m. , on Sunday, the 26th October). They want point out an important theme: the prevention of the cancer to the breast. Further information and booking for the flight with the helicopter: tel. +39.0744.429255
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Around the Falls: Film Festival "Cinema &/is Job"
October 10, 2008

  • “Cinema and job takes its origin from two different way of interest. The job…one of the main problems for the society today…cinema…the art of this century…the way with which the post-industrial and industrial society told about it…Cinema & /is Job wants to put together these two things”. These are words by Steve Della Casa, artistic director of Film Festival. It is its sixth edition in Terni from the 14th to the 18th October. A festival that links with jobs and its problems – the security – the symbology, the social aspects, all these take part to a project that don’t abandon the amusement. Among the screening of films, documentaries and short film, there are also exhibitions, spots, meetings, debates, productions for the students who attend the university of Arts in Terni. Many appointments in Fedora Cinema, Palazzo Primavera and the university lecture rooms. There is the film about the tragedy of Thyssen Krupp in Turin. There are meetings with Gabriele Salvatores, Margherita Bui, Monica Guerritore, and the former Minister of Labour Cesare Damiano. There are online competions “My Job”, the films have been voted on the website All this in collaboration with Anmil (the national association of disabled) with the association “Articolo 21” and so on. The appointment is in Terni, 7 Km far from the Falls, from the 14th to the 18th October. Cinema &/is Job More information: tel. +39.0744.579055 fax. +39.0744.226908 The photo below: the exhibition “Vita da set” di Carlo Riccardi (2007)
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The actor Ethan Hawke to the Falls. Maybe a film on Saint Francis
October 09, 2008

  • He came together with the producer Richard LInklater. All the workers recognized the “ piercing look. Recognized and appreciate: “beautiful!”, the comment of all people who were there. Ethan Hawke (photo), the American actor of 38 years; he played many film of great success – Zanna bianca, Attimo fuggente, Prima dell’alba and Fast Food nation - he visited each corner of the Falls “ to breathe the air that in the past Saint Francis breathed” said to the guide of the Tourism Aldermanship of the Municipality of Terni. there is maybe the idea for a great Hollywood production about the life of the Saint, able to inspire, for several times, the film world. Rosselini during the 50’s was the first and then also Cavani, Pasolini and Zeffirelli, ended in 1988 and still Cavani with the American actor Mickey Rourke. Now Linklater tries again – a democrat producer like Michael Moore, author of Prima dell’alba and Fast Food nation – and Hawke. the first clappers is in 2009, the Umbrian stopping place was to choose the location, if all will be ok. Before visiting the Falls, the producer and the actor visited Assisi, Norcia, the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle in Ferentillo, Narni and the studios of Papigno where Roberto Benigni filmed La vita è bella.
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Lo Gnefro - great the IV edition of "Parchi in festa"
September 22, 2008

  • We know about the success. We know also about the success of school tourism. Children had tantrums to partecipate to the Enchanted Walk of Gnefro during “Parchi in Festa 2008” , the event dedicated to the evaluation of the Umbrian. Many children wanted to do the Enchanted Walk of Gnefro, the elf who lives in the hidden parts of the Falls in the week-end of 13th and 14th September. The guides were very happy like the children, too satisfied when they came back home with their families.
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Around the Falls: "Es. Terni" 2008
September 22, 2008

  • Don’t forget the inauguration of 18th September. It is the third edition, “Es. Terni” is an important event also in Europe: beyond the Italians, this year take part to “international festival of contemporary creation” Canadian, Belgian, German and English artists. From 18th to 28th September the Festival transforms the city of Terni into a creative centre where actors and publics join together like the arts, between language of expression and genres (in “Terni c’é”, a newspaper of the culture Aldermanship of the Municipality of Terni) It is dedicated to the contemporary creation with important artists: it interests different parts of the city. The area of the ancient chemical Factory “Ex Siri”, the Multimedia Centre, Palazzo Primavera, a noble building, the “Verdi Theatre” the municipal library and others: all the location where the artists will propose their performances. “Es. Terni”, between exhibitions, representations, choreography and other forms of artistic expression, it is performed from 18th to 28th September in Terni, only 7 km. Far from Marmore Falls. Further information:
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