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Increase the information for the tourist
July 28, 2008

  • More information to the ticket offices: brochures, booklets, folders. A promotional effort thanks to the authorities and the cooperatives that manage the area to give further information to the visitors. The information refer not only about the additional services in the area of the Falls (speleological visits, nighttimes visits, the Enchanted Walk, etc.) but also about the tourist offer of the Lower Umbria. The ancient medieval towns, the trekking routes, the didactical opportunities with farms and camps, the astronomical observatory in Cesi, the environmental-naturalistic museums…beautiful places, not far from Marmore Falls; but don’t’ forget the history, rich and present everywhere you go and also events and feasts. All is within reach: read few pages and you have already a lot of information about the offers. A new service to promote the beauty of these wonderful territories that merit attention of the visitors.
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"Maree" in concert...a great spectacle
July 24, 2008

  • It is a taste and a smell of the Moroccan souk. It remembers the images of the labyrinth along the paths, of the dancers and the acrobats in the Marrakesh square. Or of Tangeri, their cities of origin. There were the north Africans atmosphere in the concert “Tangeri cafè Orchestra”, on Saturday 19th July by the Campacci Park. A great success. There were over 100 people to see the exhibition of “Jamal ouassini and his band” and enjoy themselves. Along the route n.5 – in the Upper Outlook of the Falls – also danced. The music had elaborated rhythms through a style with acoustic instruments: the qanun, the nay, the lute, the banjo, the violin, then the double bass and the percussion. The concert lasted one hour an half and is located in the suggestive scenery: the event is organized by “Maree” and supported by the Local Administrations of Terni. The concert on Saturday 25th July will be in the one of the most beautiful place of the ternanan territory: Marmore Falls. Another concert will be in the archaeological park of Carsulae on Saturday, 26th July: “archaeological bijou” known by the tourists and passionate of this kind of music. Probably “Maree, cultures that travel” will come next year in the Falls.
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On Saturday, the 19th "Maree": concert and free guided visit
July 15, 2008

  • It calls “Maree” and it refers to the see, the ocean, the travels of men during the centuries and not at least the travel called “the hope travel”, often with a tragic end along the Italian coasts. It calls “Maree: cultures that travel” and is organized by the ARCI of Terni with the collaboration of the Municipality of Terni. Free kermis with a rich programme: concerts, exhibitions and debates in the most suggestive places of the Umbrian territory. all with a multiracial themes. From the 10 July to the 9th August there will be orchestra, bands, groups and artists from all over the world, debates and congresses, photographic shows that tell about different cultures and will be in different places of the city and of the territory. Among the suggestive places, don’t miss Marmore Falls. On Saturday, 19th July will be the “Tangeri Cafè Orchestra” (see the photo) directed by Jamal Quassini, violinist and composer. He take the inspiration from the urban atmospheres of the Moroccan city. Seven Spanish and north African musicians of different artistic backgrounds in concert at 9.30p.m. in the route n.5 of the Falls (free entrance). There are also other exhibitions organized inside the area of the Falls with the free entrance: the speleological visit, the visit to the 5th route (the Upper Outlook), the Enchanted Walk for children to discover where the elf called “Gnefro” of the Falls live. The registration is free and it isn’t necessary the ticket to enter to the Falls. Here you are the complete programme; we advise the advanced booking even if it isn’t obligatory. -FREE ACTIVITIES- THE ENCHANTED LEGEND OF THE FALLS Along the route n.5 (Upper Outlook) Many years ago… there was the earth where human beings and animals lived…but there was also the earth where fairies and supernatural creatures lived…come to discover as the love of the shepherd Velino for the Nymph Nera has been in Marmore Falls. the animated representation of the legend in the Falls Start at 6.00p.m. – Route n.5 GUIDED VISIT TO THE ROUTE N.5 A new route, offers panoramic views on the Nerina Valley and also witnesses of industrial archaeology: hydroelectric power plants, and factories that during the XIX century provided electricity thanks to the waters of the Falls. At 4.00p.m. – 5.30p.m. – 7.00 – 8.30p.m. (max 50 people each group) THE SPELEOLOGICAL WALK In the “Grotta della Condotta” a cave in the route n.5 (the Upper Outlook) Entering in the cave, you are fascinated by an underground and world, completely unknown where you walk among stalactites, stalagmites and concretions… The departure is in front of the Upper Outlook ticket-office at 6.00p.m. and at 8.00p.m. We advise you suitable shoes and dresses (max 10 people each group) Information and booking: the Upper Outlook ticket office of Marmore Falls Tel. +39.0744.67561 Fax +39.0744.362231 e-mail
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"The Falls" wins the Ternanan ‘s heart
July 01, 2008

  • Stefano Notari, the manager of Marmore Falls, the enterprise associations that manage the tourist services of Marmore Falls, defined it “a great success”. Carlo Gatti, the speleological guide, just went out from “grotta delle condotte” said that he felt “ a great gratification because he accompanied children of 5 and adults over 65 years old”. “ It was great – he added – they were interested to the underground background, answer to their questions, see them while they ‘conquer’ the walk…”. It was a special Monday, the 30th June because many Ternanan people came to the “ free entrance day” in the Falls; a promotional event organized by Marmore Falls, the Tourism Aldermanship of the Municipality and of the Province of Terni, Giuseppe Boccolini and Fabio Paparelli. Free entrance for the residents in the Province of Terni. The additional services add to the traditional visit: the speleological visits, the nighttimes visits, the botanical visits, the enchanted visit for children with skilled workers. The Ternanan appreciate: almost 200 people and sold out (for the personal security and the environment around). Besides the expectations. Which is the difference? The magic word is “promotion”. Newspapers, Televisions, brochures distributed in the pubs and entered in the Ternanan’s houses. All these possible thanks to the Local Authorities, the first responsible of the tourist development.
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Free entrance for the Ternanan residents on 30th June
June 20, 2008

  • Another promotional event has been organized on Monday, 30 June. The residents in the Province of Terni can visit Marmore Falls without paying the ticket. Moreover the Municipality of Terni, the Province of Terni, Comunità Montana (the mountain Rescue Service), the Tourist Local Service and 165 Marmore Falls (it manages the tourist services of the area) organized other events and the admission for the residents is free. Inside the area it will be also possible other interesting thing during the tall day. Here you are the additional services and what the residents can do without paying the ticket in the Falls. “FREE ENTRANCE TO THE FALLS” - 30 JUNE 2008 Free entrance for the residents in the Province of Terni Botanical guided visits – At 11:00a.m. and at 2.30p.m. (max 20 people each group). The visit starts from the Directional Centre for Teaching Research of the Botanical Garden. Inside the Park with skilled workers, you walk along the routes n.2 and n.3 to discover the characteristic flora. Guided visits to the Botanical Garden - From 10.00a.m. to 6.00p.m. - continuous working hours, in the literary terrace of the Directional Centre of Teaching Research of the Botanical Garden, will be didactical and play- activities for children with animation. Playing, you know the leaves, the fragrances and the colours of the wood. It is possible from 10.00a.m. to 6.00p.m. to visit the scientific laboratory of the centre and also to see videos of the Nera Fluvial Park. The Enchanted Walk – It is the strong point of this season, it had a great success with children of the schools. The visit starts from the Directional Centre of Teaching Research of the Botanical Garden at 10.00a.m. to 4.30p.m. (max 30 children for each group). Gnefro, the elf of the Falls accompanied the children to discover the most suggestive and scenic places, theatre of the love legend between the shepherd Velino and the Nymph Nera. Don’t miss it! The speleological guided visits – Timetables: 10.00a.m. / 11.30°.m. – 1.00p.m. / 2.30p.m. – 4.00p.m. / 5.30p.m. (max 10 people for each group), we advise suitable shoes and dresses. The departure is from the Upper Outlook (Campacci area). In the rock there are caves of unique beauties also for the speleologists, very interesting to visit. Some of them are accessible to the public and the clothes are provided by the personnel. It isn’t dangerous and don’t worry because the speleological guides will come with you! The walk of the 30 June will be in the cave called “Grotta delle Condotte”. Nighttimes guided visits- At 9.00a.m. (max 15 people for each group), the departure is from the Lower Outlook ticket-office Collestatte Piano – Fatati Square). “When the silence is all around, you can hear the little animals and the roar of the waters…”. The tale about the nighttimes visit in the park could start in this way and also another possibility for the visitors to see the three jump-drops of the Falls. The service recently available with guides and the light on the head is provided by the personnel. A very interesting and also rich programme created by the Local Authorities and Marmore Falls personnel. The service available on booking and for payment. About the free entrance for the residents in the Province of Terni on Monday 30 June, the booking is not required, even if we advise it. information and booking: Marmore Falls ticket office, Tel. 0744 67561, e-mail: Links:
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May 27, 2008

  • " The “Enchanted Walk” is a new service promoted by Marmore Falls Staff. Gnefro is amazement, astonishment. Family: certainty, confidence. It is an animated visit with the elf who lives in the Falls and take the children with their parents in the most suggestive and hidden places of the park, telling the love story between the Shepherd Velino and the Nymph Nera. There are detailed information calling +39.0744.429255 Monday-Friday, from 9.30a.m. to 7.30p.m. The participants: maximum 25 children between 3 and 8 years old. The 31st May will be a promotional day. The ordinary and botanical visits are already available, but the Falls is more. There are caves, the nighttimes visits, sports and the possibility to be in a direct contact with the nature.
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Oltre 400.000 visitatori alla Cascata nel 2007
February 22, 2008

  • Nel 2007 la Cascata delle Marmore ha superato il ragguardevole muro dei quattrocentomila visitatori. Lo scorso anno, infatti, sono stati 407.299 i biglietti staccati presso le due biglietterie della cascata più alta d'Europa, con un incremento del 10,3% rispetto ai dati del 2006. Numeri importanti che pongono di diritto la Cascata delle Marmore tra i siti turistici più visitati d'Italia.
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October 24, 2007

  • Here you are all the information about the school tourism 2007-2008: trips, accompanying services, hotel services, …
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Performance "I NOITASI INOI.TR" al Museo Archeologico di Terni
September 27, 2007

  • I notasi (presso il Museo Archeologico - Area Ex Siri) dal 27 al 29 settembre '07 - dalle 17 alle 22 / 30 settembre dalle 17 alle 20 ideazione, composizione sonora, pratica suono-spazio-gesto: Davide Tidoni con: Davide Tidoni + Pubblico coproduzione Davide Tidoni/La Famosa Etichetta Trovarobato, 2007 Durata/lenght: 25’ ca Ticket biglietto museo archeologico (€4,40 - ridotto €2,75) La performance I noitasi mette in scena le modalità d’ascolto ideate per la composizione sonora I noitasi inoi (behavior score #1). Il carattere didattico/laboratoriale della presentazione I noitasi mira ad una sollecitazione delle abilità ricettivo/comportamentali che si possono sviluppare in relazione al suono. Ogni azione d'ascolto è presentata sottoforma di esperienza sonogestuale finalizzata ad un raffinamento delle proprie sensibilità uditive. Davide Tidoni è un ricercatore sonospaziale, in costante approfondimento. Porta avanti un percorso di studio personale che sfrutta le potenzialità espressive degli ambienti, dell’elettroacustica, degli oggetti e della batteria preparata. Finora ha avuto la possibilità di arricchire il suo percorso creativo grazie all’incontro ed alla collaborazione con: Mirko Sabatini, Tristan Honsinger, Andres Bosshard, Giardino Sonoro, Raffaella Giordano, Butch Morris. *28 set h 15.45 Davide Tidoni incontra il pubblico al FAT, Ex Siri
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"Il giro dell'orto...botanico"
September 15, 2007

  • Sabato 8 e domenica 9 settembre, presso il Centro Direzionale Didattico - Giardino Botanico della Cascata delle Marmore, si è svolta la manifestazione “Il giro dell’orto…botanico”, attività ludico-didattica per bambini a cui hanno partecipato circa 300 tra adulti e ragazzi. Dalle 10 alle 19 il Centro è stato animato dalla presenza di bambini provenienti dall’Umbria e dalle altre regioni italiane che hanno giocato con le operatrici di 165M Marmore Falls e TERNIMUSEI con fiori e foglie vere o di carta colorata. L’attività si snodava attraverso un percorso in più fasi: prima l’identificazione di piante differenti e il riconoscimento delle loro foglie, poi la costruzione di una pagina di erbario, la decorazione della stessa con elementi dipinti o realizzati in carta e infine la realizzazione di una cartolina illustrata da spedire per raccontare agli amici l’esperienza fatta. L’afflusso di bambini è stato continuativo nell’arco delle due giornate, permettendo di far conoscere la nuova importante realtà del Centro Direzionale Didattico - Giardino Botanico della Cascata delle Marmore non solo ai residenti e a chi segue abitualmente le iniziative di TERNIMUSEI e 165M Marmore Falls, ma anche ai numerosi turisti che hanno visitato il Centro in questi giorni. Il Centro Direzionale Didattico - Giardino Botanico nasce con l'intento di studiare la flora e di fornire informazioni precise e particolareggiate sulle essenze che caratterizzano l'ambiente della Cascata delle Marmore. Con questo scopo vengono quindi effettuate visite didattiche guidate a carattere botanico, rivolte sia agli adulti che ai bambini, condotte da operatori specializzati che, a partire dal laboratorio e dall'aula didattica e attraversando i sentieri n°2 e n°3 dell'area escursionistica, illustrano le caratteristiche morfologiche delle principali essenze e guidano i visitatori al loro riconoscimento. Inoltre presso il Centro sono disponibili testi in consultazione per approfondire l'esperienza. Le visite possono essere prenotate presso le biglietterie dei belvedere inferiore e superiore della Cascata ed hanno il costo di 2 euro a partecipante. Gli orari di inizio delle visite guidate per il mese di settembre sono le 11 e le 15.30. Per informazioni è possibile telefonare al numero 074462982. L’evento "Il giro dell'orto...botanico" è stato organizzato da 165M Marmore Falls e TERNIMUSEI.
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