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The school tourism increases to much
September 04, 2008

  • Time flies…September is arrived. The month where the summer ends and school starts. September is also a month to do a first balance about the activities that became the important point of the management: the school tourism. There are numbers, tables and graphics that confirm the increase of visitors. Many schools in the Byron Square during the Spring. Really many schools (above all elementary and secondary school) choose to visit Marmore Falls, with the territory around and the possibility to do escursions, trekking, mountain bike, canoeing, riding and follow the sporting and didactical itineraries. the initiatives of Marmore Falls (the society that manages the tourist services) had a great success, together with private and public Authorities. A good result of “Lo zainetto verde”, the proposals studied together with a Tuscan tour operator specialized in this sector. A success also for “In treno nei Parchi dell’Umbria” a tour for the parks in the Umbrian Region and “Aulabus”, the first is a regional project and the second is a municipal project (Terni) to promote the sustainable tourism able to use the public transports to move. Good also for the project “Viaggiimparando”, more linked to Marmore Falls. Now we are waiting for other offers for the Season 2009.
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"Parchi in Festa 2008" the exhibition for the evaluation of the Umbrian park
August 31, 2008

  • “Why is Parchi in festa in Marmore Falls this year? Because it is simply fantastic”. This is the comment, simple but exhaustive of the organizer. It is the IV edition. This event become a party and the organization is thanks to the cooperation between the Administrations, the Umbrian Region, the Province of Terni, the Municipality of Terni and the Nera Fluvial Park. From 13th to 14th September an event linked to the nature , didattiche, sportive to the environment and other activities. - play, didactics, sports etc. it isn’t only for children: the initiatives (free) are a lot and include all people. Inside the area Marmore Falls, you will find the stand-holds of the all parks in Umbria. This event will be a national organization (maybe in 2009). This year it presents: the Nera Fluvial Park, the national Park of Monti Sibillini, Colfiorito Park, the Tevere Fluvial Park, the Park of Trasimeno Lake, the Park of Monte Cucco, the Park of Monte Subasio, Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana. You will find the information in the Stand-holds and also the presence of other associations like Coldiretti, Bioumbria, Legambiente…and other opportunities. From the taste of the local typical dishes to the stand-hold dedicated to the animation for children, with plays, laboratories and spectacles. There will be also the didactical activities of different kind for children like the transformation of the waste materials to toys, do kites and toys with wood and other things.Marmore Falls, the society which manages the area. the skilled guides will accompany you in the cave “Grotta delle condotte”, walk along the routes during the evening, the discover of the Botanical Garden, the Enchanted Walk for children to see the Gnefro, the elf of the Falls who animates the routes and live in the caves of the Falls. It is possible to practise archery, do canoeing, do trekking along the routes of the Nerina Valley and the mountain bike in the medieval villages of the Umbrian Region. Ce n’è davvero per tutti i gusti, senza dimenticare la parte più “culturale” della kermesse. Mostre, esposizioni e visite guidate al Museo ornitologico di Collestatte, con tanto di navetta di collegamento, sono piatti prelibati, mentre nel Centro botanico universitario presente nell’area escursionistica della cascata è possibile conoscere l’offerta del Centro di documentazione ambientale di Piediluco. many things to do but don’t forget the “cultural event” of the kermes. Exhibitions and guided visits to the ornithological museum in Collestatte and the bus shuttle service. “Parchi in Festa 2008 – Colours and Flavours in Umbria” will be in Marmore Falls (Terni) from Saturday, the 13th September to Sunday, the 14th September. After buying the ticket, enter in the area and do all the activities include with the ticket and available inside. (we advise the advanced booking). the activities outside the area: mountain bike, trekking, canoeing are after payment. For the timetables of the events, for the programme, for further information and for booking, consult the web site, call 075 5001221, or send an e-mail to the electronic address
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"Elio e le Storie Tese" for the fire-proof advertising 2008
August 27, 2008

  • They arrived suddenly… and the tourists, the workers of Marmore Falls were completely surprised. They shooted the advertising in the park of the Marmore Falls. The well-known music did a concert and shooted the advertising for “the fire-proof campaign 2008” organized by the State Forest Corps with the Ministry for the agricolture, forestal and food politics; it is already available in the national televisions. Together with the band, another special man of the spectacle , Pippo Baudo who invites people to call 1515 (fire-proof emergency number) when they see the fire in the wood. The choice of the Falls as a place for the advertising has been decided by the Forestal Corps; more information in their web site: “the water and not the fire is the main element of the information campaign” and sensitiveness for the prevention of the wood fires 2008 did by the State Forestal Corps. The wonderful view of Marmore Falls as a natural setting of the advertising is a positive message and point out the strength of the water on the fire which represents destruction and death, if out of control”. The video is serious but amusing in the same time, this is the intention of the director. It is written: “ a thunderous water column with the three jump-drops of 165 mts: it is Marmore Falls with its wonderful scenery”. The music band “Elio e le storie tese” sings a beautiful song.
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Many entrances during the long week-end of Mid August
August 21, 2008

  • The Aldermanship of Tourism in the Municipality of Terni recorded many entrances. Many people decided to visit Marmore Falls in August ; three thousand more than the last year. The management are satisfied also about the additional services for people who don’t want only see the Falls but enjoy themselves, doing some interesting activities inside the park. We are still in the preliminary stage (the full regime will be in 2009), but the speleological guided visits, the nighttimes guided visits, the enchanted walk for children, the botanical guided visits and other services recorded an exploit. Many booking and hard works for the guides. These numbers increase – say from the technical offices – to confirm that the visiting to the Marmore Falls isn’t only a classic walk along the routes but it includes other things to do.
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The merchandise always more original
August 21, 2008

  • The Gnefro cartoon like to the children very much but also the key holder…and then the pin, the compass, plays…without forge the dresses: the hat and the t-shirt. This is the merchandise of the Falls that you can find in the ticket-office of the Upper and Lower Outlook. You can find everything, things and books – and the main theme abviously is : nature, the environmental, the Marmore Falls. Good prices and a furnished library of specific books about environmental sports and others. It is a new opportunity for the tourist who visit the Falls, go in the Byron Square and see the drop that inspired many intellectuals of the XVIII century. Yesterday a poet or a painter and now a T-shirt or a hat to fix a present to remember a particular day. and see the drop that inspired many intellectuals of the XVIII century. Yesterday a poet or a painter and now a T-shirt or a hat .
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New guided visits, queens of August
August 21, 2008

  • A new idea of the summer 2008. if you see the homepage of the website, you will find further information about the guided visits. An original thing, for all. a great success during the long weekend of the Mid August. Many booking and hard works the guides. This idea helped to increase the visitors to come to the Marmore Falls. The speleological visits, the nighttimes visits, the enchanted walk for children to discover the hidden places of the Falls and see the elf, or the botanical visit: you learn to know the real essence of the place which became the worldwide heritage. Don’t forget: who loves the environment, the nature and the activities, the itineraries are for all and doing everything without obstacles (the only problems are the handicapped people and who suffers from claustrophobia) .For further information call to the ticket-office of the Falls (0744 62982) or surf in the web site (
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Easier is to know the characteristic Flora with the labels
August 11, 2008

  • The Professor Orsomando - The faculty of Botanic to the university of Camerino - and his collegues walked along the routes n. 2 and 3 with the botanical guides of the Falls to selecte the native species of flowers located inside the area. Each tree has a label where you can find the name, the peculiarity, the family and the main officinal uses as for example Cervina Tongue, maidenhair, cornel and so on. Who wants to know more about trees, flowers and vegetation can now have the idea about the importance of this area, already classified by the European Union also in the scientific point of view. The Directional Centre of the Botanical Garden is in the Lower Outlook inside the excursion area where the visitor can know, read and observe the fauna. The labels are another step to complete the Botanical Garden, that will be finished in 2009. During the next weeks also the flowers outside the route n. 2 and 3 will be signed with the labels to admire more and more the extraordinary beuties that surround the area of the Falls.
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Around the Falls: nighttimes visits in Carsulae
July 29, 2008

  • Nighttimes visits in the archaeological park of Carsulae. A very suggestive roman town situated along the Via Flaminia, near San Gemini and not far from Marmore Falls. It is possible to seize the opportunity for visiting the Forum, the Twin Temples, the Amphitheatre and the St. Damian Arch, the symbol of this wonderful archaeological site. The events have been organized thanks to the archaeological Superintendence of Umbria, the Municipality of Terni and “TerniMusei” the enterprises that manage the museums in the city of Terni. The museum and the archaeological area will be opened until 11.00 p.m. and it is possible to enter with a cheap ticket and do a free guided visit at 9.30 p.m. about a specific theme. On Saturday, 2nd August the subject is: “Carsulae after the Romans: the ancient settlements”. On Saturday, 9th August the subject is: “the Christian communities around the ancient Via Flaminia”. “Incontri+Dialoghi, CarsulaeSummer 08” is the name of this initiative, thought to create unique emotions to the visitors. Programme: On Saturday 02.08.2008 at 9.30p.m. Visiting and Documentation Cantre "U. Ciotti" of Carsulae "Carsulae after the Romans: ancient settlements" A thematic guided visit by Laura Matticari On Saturday 09.08.2008 ore 9.30p.m. Visiting and Documentation Cantre "U. Ciotti" of Carsulae "Christian communities around the ancient Via Flaminia" A thematic guided visit by Laura Matticari Entrance with cheap ticket: Euro 3,30. For further information: Visiting and Documentation Cantre "U. Ciotti" of Carsulae Tel. +39.0744.334133
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Increase the information for the tourist
July 28, 2008

  • More information to the ticket offices: brochures, booklets, folders. A promotional effort thanks to the authorities and the cooperatives that manage the area to give further information to the visitors. The information refer not only about the additional services in the area of the Falls (speleological visits, nighttimes visits, the Enchanted Walk, etc.) but also about the tourist offer of the Lower Umbria. The ancient medieval towns, the trekking routes, the didactical opportunities with farms and camps, the astronomical observatory in Cesi, the environmental-naturalistic museums…beautiful places, not far from Marmore Falls; but don’t’ forget the history, rich and present everywhere you go and also events and feasts. All is within reach: read few pages and you have already a lot of information about the offers. A new service to promote the beauty of these wonderful territories that merit attention of the visitors.
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"Maree" in concert...a great spectacle
July 24, 2008

  • It is a taste and a smell of the Moroccan souk. It remembers the images of the labyrinth along the paths, of the dancers and the acrobats in the Marrakesh square. Or of Tangeri, their cities of origin. There were the north Africans atmosphere in the concert “Tangeri cafè Orchestra”, on Saturday 19th July by the Campacci Park. A great success. There were over 100 people to see the exhibition of “Jamal ouassini and his band” and enjoy themselves. Along the route n.5 – in the Upper Outlook of the Falls – also danced. The music had elaborated rhythms through a style with acoustic instruments: the qanun, the nay, the lute, the banjo, the violin, then the double bass and the percussion. The concert lasted one hour an half and is located in the suggestive scenery: the event is organized by “Maree” and supported by the Local Administrations of Terni. The concert on Saturday 25th July will be in the one of the most beautiful place of the ternanan territory: Marmore Falls. Another concert will be in the archaeological park of Carsulae on Saturday, 26th July: “archaeological bijou” known by the tourists and passionate of this kind of music. Probably “Maree, cultures that travel” will come next year in the Falls.
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