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Tour – boat of the Piediluco lake every weekend. Also with the typical dishes. Information
September 04, 2015

  • From April to September On Saturday and on Sunday and - in general – every day during the pre-holidays and holidays, is possible to buy directly by the two ticket-offices of the Marmore Falls the tickets to participate to the BOAT TOUR OF THE PIEDILUCO LAKE, Expected 4 departures: at 10.00am, at 12.00am, at 3.00pm and at 5.00pm Duration: about 45 minutes Prices: Boat on the lake full ticket 5,00 € Boat on the lake cheap ticket 6-14 years 3,00 € Boat on the lake cheap tickets for groups (minimum 15 people) 4,00 € Boat on the lake cheap tickets for schools 2,50 € Boat on the lake free (children until 5 years) The maximum capacity for each time slot is of 45 people. The service is organized by the Miralago srl, in the Baraonda Café in Piediluco. The lake is distant 25 minutes by auto from the Lower Outlook of the Falls and 10 minutes from the Upper Outlook: second exit Piediluco, reach the parking to 100 meters from the Miralago Beach (Baraonda). During the Holidays there is the linking between the Marmore Falls and Piediluco lake with the Bus-Shuttle service: departures every hour from the Lower Outlook of the Falls (alongside of the tourist shop area) from 12:00am to 7:00pm; intermediate stop to the Upper Outlook every hour from 12:15pm to 7:15pm. Return from the Piediluco lake for the two viewpoints of the Falls: every hour from 12:30pm to 7:30pm. Il 5 e il 19 luglio, il 2 e il 23 agosto 2015 sarà possibile partecipare ad una nuova attività: il giro in battello sul lago di Piediluco (5 chilometri di distanza dal Belvedere superiore della cascata delle Marmore) con degustazione di prodotti enogastronomici a bordo. in the most suggestive part of the lake and take a photo to remember the beatiful experience. During the tour boat you can taste Umbrian typical dishes thanks to the rich lunch. The little boat, moreover, offers the possibility to see in the most suggestive part of the lake and take a photo to remember the beatiful experience. timetable: from 1.00am to 3.00pm Prices: the boat for a tour along all the lake: 22 € the boat for a tour for a part of the lake: 6-14 years old: 10 € the battle for children up to 5 years: 5 € Unmissable! We sail in a basin born millions of years, considered between the most beautiful of Italy. We are in the west-south Umbria, to the border with Lazio, between the Luco and Caperno mountains. A lake similar to the Alpine basins but with sweetest basins, created by the wooden elevation. It is what remains of the ancient lacus Velinus, of alluvial origin, formed in the Quaternary as the consequence of the flow of the Nera and Velino river. On the edge, a suggestive medieval village. Activity suitable for all ages. Information and booking: Lower Outlook ticket-office tel. +39 0744 62982 fax +39 0744 362231 e-mail: skype cascatamarmore Upper Outlook ticket-office tel. +39 0744 67561 callcenter sistemamuseo 199.151.123
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In September: nighttimes tours every night. Book now
September 04, 2015

  • Absolutely do not forget the nighttimes guided tour in the Park of the Lower Outlook of the Marmore Falls. A skilled guide lead groups along the routes n.2 and n.3, between goarges and rapids of the Nera river. When the night, when remain only the noise of wood and the roars of the waters ... when the park isn't accessible to the tourists, the guides lead to the trails n.2 e n.3 in the exscursion area - in the Lower Outlook - for a toru enriched by observations and explanantions. Duration: about one hour. the equipment, light helmets, has been provided by the organization. We recommend appropriate dresses and shoes (trekking or sporting shoes). In June - July - August 2015 the nighttimes guided tour has been organized every night with the departure fixed at 8:45pm from the Lower Outlook of the Falls. We advise to be in the ticket-office 15 minutes before. The duration is about une hour. go to the phootogallery nighttimes guided tour June - July - August 2015 Dates: every night start: at 8:45pm duration: about one hour max: 20 people costo: 6,00 euro beyond the entrance in the park appointment: at 8:30pm in the lower otulook ticket office Information and booking: Lower Outlook ticket-office tel. +39 0744 62982 fax +39 0744 362231 e-mail: skype cascatamarmore Upper Outlook ticket-office tel. +39 0744 67561 callcenter sistemamuseo 199.151.123
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#aTerniNonSuccedeMaiNulla SEPTEMBER 2015 the calendar of the appointments relating to the museums of Terni
August 14, 2015

  • THURSDAY 10 at 5.00pm // CAOS - Archaeological Museum DONNE E LAVORO opening of the photographic exhibition for the femminine toponomastic the exhibition will be until Sunday 11 October free entrance in the cloister of bct - municipal library terni will be until Tuesday 22 September the section of the exhibition about women FROM SATURDAY 19 TO SUNDAY TO 27 at 10.00am > 00.00pm // CAOS TERNI INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF THE CONTEMPORARY CREATION selection of the best italian artists, and important scouting of international proposals presented for the first time in Italy Info and costs: // +39 0744 285946 SATURDAY 19 at 5.00pm// Archaeological Area of Carsulae SIMENON LOOK AT THE MIRROR AND SEE MAIGRET presentation of the book of Maurizio Testa “Maigret e il caso Simenon” _ Edizioni Robin then the aperitif free entrance FRIDAY 25 at 3.30pm // Terni - downtown COSA C'È NEL PIATTO ... Carsulae and Caos for Micromondi 2015 didactical activities for children free entrance FROM FRIDAY 25 TO SUNDAY 27 at 5.00pm // Palazzo Cesi of Acquasparta CARSULAE TRAVELS Guided tour in the rooms of Palazzo Cesi for the occasion of "Riavuta"of the Renaissance Festival for the visiting of Friday 25 follows a tasting of typical dishes and wine by Ente Rinascimento Info and costs: +39 3281612608 SUNDAY 27 at 4.30pm // Archaeological Area of Carsulae CARSULAE, BREAD TO BREAD, WINE TO WINE short review about the food tradition of our territory Manfricoli, picchiarelli &co. by Slow Food Terre dell’Umbria Meridionale INFO AND CONTACTS: CAOS - Centro Arti Opificio Siri Viale Campofregoso, 98 Info and booking +39 0744 285946 Archaeological Museum +39 0744 279976 ticket-office Teatro Secci +39 0744 279976 coffee and restaurant FAT3 +39 3249542360 FROM TUESDAY TO SUNDAY 10 > 1PM / 5PM > 8PM CLOSED ON MONDAY Carsulae - Archaeological area "U.Ciotti" Visiting and Documentation Centre Strada di Carsoli, 8 Info and booking +39 0744 334133 FROM MONDAY TO SUNDAY 8.30AM > 7.30PM Paleolab Museum of Paleontholy exhibition in southern Umbria Former church of San Tommaso Largo Liberotti, 24 Info and booking+39 0744 334133 / +39 0744 279976 TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY 10 > 1PM / 5PM > 8PM For info, contacts and booking for all the activities and additional services: +39 0744 334133 +39 0744 279976 +39 0744 285946 +39 3403458209
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On 19 August discover Torre Orsina, little village not far from the Falls: landscapes in slow mouvement
August 07, 2015

  • Wednesday 19 August an occasion to don't loose to discover the traditions of a medieval village not far from the Marmore Falls: TORRE ORSINA. There wiil be in fact "Valnerina in Pasta", inserted in the review "Paesaggi in movimento slow", an occasion that allow to know the kitsche, the traditions and the folklore of this beautiful corner of the Nerina Valley. The program: Wednesday 19 August 2015 at 4:30pm-6:00pm, former church of S. Antonio Presentation of the book "Valnerina - Taccuino di Viaggio" by Egildo Spada - Meeting with the author at 6:00pm-7:30pm, Piazza del Borgo Preparation of "La Pasta dei Giorni di Festa". Meeting with the Prof. Mario Polia tra spianatoie e mattarelli. Music with the Cantori della Valnerina. at 8:00pm-9:00pm, Borgo Cavour Tasting of prepared paste - Fojata, ciriole, stringozzi, pappardelle, strascinati, pizzole and more... Music and popular songs with the folkloristic group Diversa-Mente Click here for the depliant of the event and the program Info: Images and info about Torre Orsina:
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Sunday 21 June, under the Falls the epoch cycling holidays. Not to be missed!
June 16, 2015

  • The bike are that built in 1987. The dresses of the epoch: t-shirt and wool shorts. The same for the accessories: shoes, hats, and water bottle retrò. Sunday 21 June will be a spectacle of the first edition of the "cycling holidays of Terni – Marmore Falls of the epoch”, international cycling meeting. Two routes that we can choose, one of 84 km and one of 40, from piazza della Repubblica, in the historical centre of Terni, a place rich of historical and naturalistic evidences. Around 10 o clock is expected the passing in the Marmore Falls – aong the Byron square and the Lower Outlook - and for the occasion the water release will be at 9,45am. A place where landscape, culture, art, history and spirituality come together with the flavours of the typical dishes, as the organizers write A.s.d. Audax randonneurs interamna of Terni on the official website. For further information and registrations
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Domenica 21 giugno in Cascata raccolta fondi e sensibilizzazzione per la patologia rara HHT
June 15, 2015

  • 165m Marmore Falls ed il Comune di Terni sostengono il mese mondiale per la consapevolezza dell’HHT. E’ una patologia rara il cui unico sintomo evidente è il sangue dal naso. Per evitarne i risvolti peggiori è indispensabile una diagnosi precoce. Domenica 21 Giugno si terrà all’interno dell’area del parco “Una Cascata di Consapevolezza” giornata di sensibilizzazione e raccolta fondi per l’HHT. Per maggiori info sull’HHT Vi aspettiamo!
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In Carsulae Saturday 4 July at 6.30pm: Le Variazioni Goldberg, a very great concert
May 22, 2015

  • Ramin Bahrami - Piano organization: Fondazione Carit and Associazione Culturale Araba Fenic Cultural Association and Terni under the patronage of MIBAC and the Superintendence of the Archaeological of Umbria and under the patronage of the municipality of Terni in case of bad weather the concert will be the day after always at the same date Saturday 4 July2015 _ at 6.30pm archaeologica Area and the "U. Ciotti" Visiting and Documentation Centre of Carsulae Info: +39 0744 334133 Ufficio Comunicazione CoopSociali ACTL e ALIS
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On 22 May, the celebration day of Saint Rita, the timetable as holiday
May 21, 2015

  • We inform the visitors that on Wednesday 22 May 2015, a celebrative day of Saint Rita from Cascia, the tourist area of the Marmore Falls will regulated from the timetable and of Holidays. Opening of the area: from 9.00am to 10.00pm Release of the water: in the morning, from 10.00am to 1.00pm in the afternoon, from 3.00pm to 10.00pm For information: Marmore Falls ticket-office tel. +39 0744 62982 fax +39 0744 404235 e-mail
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Carsulae in a drop of water: on 22, 23 and 24 May 2015.
May 12, 2015

  • The history of the city of Carsulae in a drop of water is the new appointment of the review “A Terni Non Succede Mai Nulla” by the Coop sociali Actl and Alis, Indisciplinarte, Accoglienza Diocesana e Civita Cultura. Inside the project of research "multidisciplinary study of the Archaeological Site of Carsulae for the evaluation and valorization of the environmental, cultural and lanscape heritage", the researchers involved, give information about the instruments used to the pubblic during the researches. In the morning of Friday 22 and Saturday 23 May, the schools of the territories around did a guided tour inside the archaeological area and have the possibility to see the works and touch the instruments used. On Sunday 24 morning, from 9,30am to 1,00pm, the pubblic can participate to the thematic guided tour (€ 2,00 a persona), during whom they can have information about the geological and archaeological development of Carsulae, with particula attention to the theme of waters during the Roman Time. In collaboration with: Municipality of San Gemini, Geolab of San Gemini, INGV, University of Camerino Info: +39 0744 334133 Ufficio Comunicazione Coopsociali ACTL e ALIS
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9 May at 6.00pm, Marmore Falls:exhibition of works by master Borozan "a shirt full of energy"
May 06, 2015

  • The biggest shirt in Europe to the highest Falls in Europe...the artistic tribute of the master Igor Boza Borozan for the great Nikola Tesla. Saturday 9 May by the route 2 of the Marmore Falls. The last art work of the Master Igor Borozan, a shirt full of "energy", dedicated to the great Nicola Tesla. a special shirt that testifies the greatness of an extraordinary charatcter, a great "forgotten" scientist. The shirt of Borozan, with its 7 metres high, will be exhibited in Terni by the Marmore Falls. Tesla is in fact the father of the modern alternating electricity, of neon, of the radio, of TV, of radar, of Xrays. But not only makes Nikola Tesla a man too ahead for his time. How says in one of his most famous interventions, Tesla thought in a future of peace, a free world with an energy available for all. The man, who living between ‘800 and ‘900, has enlighted, in the cultural and literary point of invention as the radio. Performance of artistic dancing and light design by Alessandra Sulpizi. Thanks to the muinicipality of Terni and, special thanks goes to the Dott. Giorgio Armillei Assessor to the Culture for the realization of this event, to the management resposible of the Falls for the municipality of Terni Federico Nannurelli and of ATI 165m Marmore Falls - Tourist Service Management of the Marmore Falls (Coopsociali ACTL e ALIS, Coop Sistema Museo, Accoglienza Diocesana, Civita). Municipality of Terni in collaboration with:
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