The Marmore Falls in the poetry of a child

Posted on October 01, 2015
A guided tour (at night), two children – Andrea and Federico – we thank them for the given emotions. At Marmore Falls happens also this. Read the poem that Federico, 13 years old, has been dedicated to the naturalistic spectacle able to fascinate during the last centuries the poets of the Grand Tour. He wrote it but in collaboration with the heart of Andrea

La Cascata delle Marmore

Suoni cadenti ti portan ad ascoltare,

Armonie unite ti portan a guardare;

Bellezza, potenza danzano con eleganza

Nella soave voce dell’ammirazione;

Bellezza travolge gli occhi,

Potenza travolge il cuore,

E flora tocca l’anima.

Velino e Nera si mischiano nell’amore,

L’amore si mischia con la vita,

E la vita si anima di vita.

Federico Russo

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