The itinerary of the Plenarists between past and present:the photos

Posted on June 15, 2017
We give you some wonderful photos that traces the itinerary of the Plenarists ("en plein air paintings" between '700 and '800) in the Ternanan Valley, thanks to the knowledges of Franco Passalacqua: from the Augustus bridge and the Abbey of San Cassiano in Narni, to the village of Papigno (the most depicted Umbrian place), to the Piediluco reach the Marmore Falls [foto Alessandro Stella 165m Marmore Falls].

Between the XVIII and XIX century, the geographic area of Terni and its territory, have been seen the extraordinary presence of the european painters who depicted en plein air.

Extraordinary painters who with their works told to the world, the beauties of the Ternanan Valley and that since years can come back to be ambassadors of this territory.

The Nerina Valley near Terni and Narni has been one of the main places of this lucky season of arts.

For the archive of the works, visit the website:



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