Andrea Vici, the architect that modifies the look of the Waterfall

Posted on October 28, 2017
The studies carrier of the architect from the Marches Andrea Vici (Arcevia/AN, 1743 – Roma, 1817) was atypcal: he learnt the notions of architecture by his scholar, collaborator and successor of Luigi Vanvitelli, Carlo Murena.

Vici in fact was near Vanvitelli in the period of his last efforts, that relating to the churches of Naples to the Palazzo Reale in Milan, and also in the Reggia di Caserta.

Since that time Vici was the First Engineur of the Water Congregations of the Papal State. In 1782 went for the first time to Terni, that frequented until 1795, accepting the ambitious challenge to modify the aspect of the Marmore Falls thanks to the excavation of the so called "diagonal cut", known also as Channel Pius VI.

The great success of the difficult task allowed to avoid the threat of continuos overflows where Terni and the villages of the ternanan Nerina Valley were always interested since many years.

Saverio Ricci

Arts Historical and Tour Guide

* The immages 2 and 3 are by the volume “L'Opera della Cascata. Guida dei beni culturali della. Cascata delle Marmore. tra archeologia, storia e cultura industriale”, a cura di Miro Virili, testi di Miro Virili, Stefano Notari, Gianni Bovini. Arrone, Edizioni Thyrus, 2015



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