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A laboratory to disclose the secret of the travertine
February 25, 2009

  • On the wake of the great success of the speleological excursions in Marmore caves, there is a development of an issue: why don’t give a scientific nature to a sporting and play-services? Here is a project of a speleological and geological laboratory in the Upper Outlook of Marmore. From Easter 2009, by the Upper Outlook ticket office there will be a mineralogy laboratory. A professional worker will be available to do samplings of rocks, prepare experiments with chemical reactive, see videos on the formation of caves in the area of Marmore. We remind – to be more than 300 and arouse the interest of speleologist from all over the world. Four didactic panels explain the hypogeous system of the Waterfall for people who doesn’t take part to the laboratory but want to go and see the room inside the ticket office. The idea is interesting for almost two aspects. The first: it is preparatory activities to the descend in the cave and in this enjoy the spectacle to see the travertine (think about the importance of the visiting for school groups). In the second: the opportunity for people who can’t descend in the cave for problems of time and for physical problems). It is necessary the advanced booking for using the laboratory with the supervision of a geologist. Information: Upper Outlook ticket office tel. +39.0744.62982
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A surprise blitz of the national television programme ¬"Geo & Geo¬" in the Falls
February 24, 2009

  • It was a pleasure the visiting of the national television programme “Geo & Geo” the last 17th February in Marmore Falls. The Popular TV programme hosted by Sveva Sagramola (it broadcasts on Rai 3, every day, from 5.00p.m. to 7.00p.m.) and appreciated for whom has an environmental culture like our guides in the Falls. They shoot a documentary on the Reatina Valley, dominated by the Velino river ( Velino flows into the Nera river and forms Marmore Falls, ndr), the RAI operators couldn’t exclude a visit to the Falls that is the extreme patch of that valley. So after speaking about Zoology, Botanic, Archaeology and History of the places above mentioned, made some underwater shoots in the sabin tract of the river and passed an half day in the Falls. There was an extraordinary opening of the waters, normally destined to the Galleto hydroelectric power plants during the week in February. ( see the timetables section). Thanks to an agreement between the Municipality of Terni and the hydroelectric plants E.On, from 2.00p.m. to 2.30p.m. the Velino river flew down 15 metres cubes of water to the second in the Nera Bed. A breathtaking spectacle appreciated by Geo & Geo, they shoot in the Upper and Lower Outlook. Then a blitz in the park, along the route number 2, full of stalactites and ice stalagmites hidden between the travertine coves. The documentary will go on the air in March.
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To the Umbrian Tourism Congress will be the ¬"lottery¬" of the Falls
February 20, 2009

  • It is a “little lottery” of the Falls. The idea is from the tourism offices of Terni Municipality. Two representatives went to the Umbrian Tourism Congress in Milan. In the stall reserved to the Umbrian Region – in the 29th edition of the Tourism International Congress that takes place in the fairground of Milan from 19th to 22nd February 2009 – the Municipality of Terni promotes the image of Marmore Waterfall. Here is the idea: “on fixed hours” with two appointment in the morning and other in the afternoon. There will be a prize draw among the visitors of the stall. What can they win? A free entrance to the Falls for all 2009” – someone says”. It won’t be a unique marketing operation during all the event (one of the most important at international niveau). Mobile phone cases and mouse pads, information materials about the beauties of the territory are the goal and to know better the area of the Falls, already one of the most visited tourist site in Italy.
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Wonderful carnival in the village of Acquasparta
February 20, 2009

  • From the pages of its web site ( they tell you how to build a carnival float: “first of all paint a sketch… when finish it…we begin the sculpture…”. Then they say that its carnival is one of the most beautiful of all Umbria. It’s true. Some citizens of the village organized it like a beautiful kermes. In the village of Acquasparta – not far from Marmore Falls – once included in “Terre Arnolfe” ( from the name of the dignitary of emperor). The show begins at 2.30p.m. with free entrance. There will the 8th and the 15th . the closing of the show will be on Sunday, the 25th of February. Spectacles for children, for adults,… who wants to eat and taste typical dishes inn the tavern of the village, like: picchiarelli with tomato sauce, lentils of Castelluccio, roasts on the flames and so on. Information: tel. +39.347.1363168 Website:
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Cioccolentino, a chocolate party dedicated to lovers
February 05, 2009

  • Have you ever thought about a chocolate medals painted by hand? There will be from 12th to 15th February 2009 the sixth edition of “cioccolentino” ; a programme rich of events, located in Piazza della Repubblica and other events in the centre of the city. Cioccolentino is included in the celebrations in honour of the patron, St. Valentin known in all over the world like the patron of lovers. Her body is in the cathedral dedicated to him, not far from the centre. An occasion to visit Marmore Falls! you can admire the horrified beauty of the waters, described by poets and writers during the Grand Tour and then go to Terni and see the “Valentinian events” and Cioccolentino the feast of the chocolate. There is the mascot called Tortino, the artist called Golosi, the clown “of cake”, the chocolate masks, Lino, the magician. And the charmed wood, made by sugar and chocolate called cioccobongo, sports and chocolate, other things to do and to see, not far from the Waterfalls. If you want to know the complete programme of “Cioccolentino”, dates, timetables, click here Information: Local Tourist Service of Terni Via Cassian Bon 4, Terni Tel. +39.0744.423047 Fax +39.0744.427259 e-mail: web: Local Tourist Service of Terni Via Cassian Bon 4, Terni Tel. +39.0744.423047 Fax +39.0744.427259 e-mail: web:
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Terni, a rich programme for the ¬"valentinianan events¬"
February 04, 2009

  • Terni, the city of St. Valentino, celebrates the patron on 14th February and guard the body in the cathedral dedicated to him. There is, between January and February, a rich programme of events. Not far from Marmore Falls, the city celebrates love: “ we confirm and strengthen - says the Major Paolo Raffaelli – the traditional message of the patron of lovers but also patron for people, cultures, communities, faith and memberships. The prize-giving of Ingrid Betancourt, the last 25th January, represents the prologue to a rich programme. For example “the Feast od the promise” where the fianceé of all the world say their promise of love in front of the saint, martyr, represents the most important event, together with the concerts of Ivano Fossati, Fiorella Mannoia, Lola Ponce and Giò di Tonno. Don’t forget “Cioccolentino”, the event dedicated to the lovers of chocolate. Information: Tourist Local Service of Terni Via Cassian Bon 4, Terni Tel. +39.0744.423047 Fax +39.0744.427259 e-mail: web:
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St. Valentin 2009: the "Feast of the promise" in Terni
February 02, 2009

  • Why many people come from the far East and reach the cathedral of St. Valentin – in Terni – and change the “promise of love” to each other? There, few metres from the relics of the saint, patron of lovers (patron of the city), in front of the bishop Vincenzo Paglia, together with the young people and from all over the world. They promise to marry with a Christian rule within the year. It’s no difficult to answer: this is the miracle of love. On Sunday, 8th February we renovated “the Feast of the promise”. At 11.00a.m., near St. Valentin cathedral, the bishop of Terni - Narni – Amelia realizes the miracle of many young couples. An exciting spectacle for the young couples and also the saints would be happy for them, martyr under the emperor Aureliano on 23rd February 273. The legend tells that when he was bishop of the city, he was courageous to marry a roman centurion, he was pagan and his girlfriend was from Terni, Serapia. He was able to marry them under the sign of love celebrated from “the Feast of the promise”, an important occasion to celebrate an original St. Valentin. After the celebration, obviously, a tour in Marmore Falls, the other symbol of Terni. Near the cathedral are opened the registrations to partecipate to the “Feast of the promise” that will be on Sunday 8th February at 11.00a.m., dedicated to the fiancée who want to be married in the church. There are adhesions for the “Feast of the silver wedding” on Sunday 15th February at 11.00a.m. in the St. Valentin cathedral and also for the “Feast of the golden wedding”, on Sunday 22nd February at 11.00a.m. in the same cathedral. For information and booking, please contact from 9.00a.m. to 12.00a.m. and from 4.00p.m. to 7.00p.m. the following numbers: tel: +39.0744.274508 fax: +39.0744.278090 e-mail: web:
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2 guided visits at a cost of one during the week-end of St. Valentin
February 02, 2009

  • “A love tour” isn’t an invitation to kiss to each other in front of the highest Falls in Europe. It wouldn’t be a good idea. Many couples did it. It i san advertise to offer the opportunity to the tourists who choose the beauty of Marmore Falls on Saturday, the 14th and on Sunday the 15th February. It is “2х1”, I mean the possibility to buy two guided tour at a cost of one. All this for the purposes of advertisement: in the week-end of St. Valentin two guided tour will cost 2.50 euro – free for children under 6 years old. The tour starts from the Lower Outlook, then we walk along the routes with a professional guide able to give information about the using of the one of the richest waters in the world for industrial purposes. It will be 4 departures: the first at 11.00a.m. and then at 12.00a.m. at 3.00p.m. at 4.00p.m. The tours last about one hour. A way to celebrate St. Valentin, patron of the city of Terni and so “tutor” of the Falls. In 14th and 15th February is a very good period to reach the Falls and Terni, dress for the feast in honour of the patron of lovers. Info:the Lower Outlook ticket-office tel. +39.0744.62982
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The Falls to the"Salon des Vacances" of Bruxelles
January 29, 2009

  • The work of translator, the work of the typography and brochures just finished to print. All is ready for the Salon des Vacances of Bruxelles, the international tourism fair. From 5th to 9th February the Belgian capital represents an important point of the sector, half of the operators are international. The password is: promotion, marketing and to use the opportunities offered by the kermes. Marmore Falls, one of the most important naturalistic site ever visited in Europe, will be well represented. “We have a place for the representation of the Umbrian Region”, explain a manager of Terni Municipality who is flying to Bruxelles. He explains also as the administration wants to promote the entire territory, with a particular interest to the “jewel of the family”. “Beyond Marmore Falls and other attractions of the territory, we point out on Terni, the city of St. Valentine and other events organized to celebrate the anniversary (14th February, editor’s note)” The Umbrian city is also the city of the saint, patron of lovers, the city which preserves the body and recognize it like the patron. In February we organize interesting events in his honour. Days of works, says Giuseppe Boccolini, the tourism aldermanship of Terni municipality, and his collaborators. In the meantime, the operators of Marmore Falls, subject that manages the tourist services in the area of the Falls enjoy the success of the guided visits. New services like the speleological visits, the nighttimes visits, the animated visits for children, the botanical visits and others…had a great success between the tourists. These services are an additional opportunity to the walk along the outlook and we will not surprised if the Falls conquer the Salon des Vacances.
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Bollywood arrives in Marmore Falls
January 28, 2009

  • Black hairs, black eyes, somatic features od the west side, today, in great expasion. The Indian troupe of “MV Films International” last Sunday (25th January) shoot in the routes of Falls for half an hour. 6 managers of the cinematographic house and 3 escorts of the Umbrian Film Commission together with Marmore Falls walk along Byron Square and then entered in the park, exceptionally opened in the afternoon ( as you know, in December and in January the routes 1,2,3, are closed for “environmental and climatic” reasons). “Wonderful”, they say at the end of tour. It means, probably, that Marmore Falls will be choose like a location for a new comedy shoot in Umbria, a new production of the Indian Hollywood called Bollywood. Bollywood is a mixing between Hollywood and Bombay, the greatest cinematographic industry of the earth, a dream for million of people (Indians) all over the world. A place where “we produce more than 5000 films every year and several musical video clips that show to the Indians where they are, beautiful places…and inspire new productions and generate a lot of tourists”, says the communiqué of the Umbrian Film Commission. The filming start in April, it is a love comedy located in the green heart of Italy. It is sure that Marmore Falls will be the location very attractive for many cinematographic productions. Years ago, Dario Argento filmed “ Stendhal ‘s syndrome”. In Autumn the actor Ethan Hawke and the director Richard Linklater visited the area. They searched places to shoot the story about St. Francis life; today another international movie to distribute where the Indian community are: Kabul, London, Manila…and maybe the ciac will be again in the Studios of Papigno Cinecittà, not far from Marmore Falls, where Roberto Benigni filmed “la vita è bella”. We confirm the good job of the Umbrian Film Commission, an agency made for the productions on the territory. and we confirm also the good job of the Local Administration: the Umbrian region – together with the Institute for the foreign trade, the body that creates a contact between the Indian cinematographic market and the tourism aldermanship of Terni Province and Municipality.
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