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Mrs. Betancourt wins the prize of St. Valentine
January 21, 2009

  • Last year was Kerry Kennedy, the president of Robert F. Kennedy Foundation of Europe Onlus, to win the prize of “St Valentine, a year of love”. There was, for her, also an extraordinary opening of the Falls and she walked along the orutes with the Major of Terni, Paolo Raffaelli. On Sunday, the 25th January will be Ingrid Betancourt to receive the price, designed to the most worthy about the themes like brotherhood and peace. And maybe – who knows – she wants to visit the “horrible beauty” of the Falls, in the past extolled by poets, painters and travellers. The militant for the human rights, was born in Columbia, is 47 years old, founder of the “Oxygen green party”, receives the prize by Vincenzo Paglia, bishop of Terni and the major Paolo Raffaelli. An official ceremony in the Municipality on Sunday 25th January at 12.00a.m. and then in the afternoon at 5.00 p.m. a conference with Mrs Betancourt in the “Verdi theatre”. Another reason for visiting the Falls: after the spectacle of the two Outlooks, few kilometres to reach Terni and listen her, became famous after the kidnapping by the Farc (the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia) lasted 6 years. “To be here – says the bishop Paglia – she has modified her invitation (about 1200 requests)”. “Ingrid Betancourt – says the major Raffaelli – represents the line of brotherhood and peace that has always inspired the Valentine events…”. Other prizes have been given in the past: Kerry Kennedy, Michail Gorbaciov, David Grossman, Ibrahim Faltas, the association Anmil, Mr. and Mrs. Green and Sari Nuseibeh.
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Around the Falls: the exhibition in the museum of Narni
January 15, 2009

  • The museum of Palazzo Eroli, in Narni, after the first year of activities, presents a calendar of events for the evaluation and promotion of the local collections and the collections of the Umbrian territories. The initiative “the museum. Opened pages about the town” is on the programme from October 2008 to June 2009. Meetings, events and reflections, divided in 5 exhibitions with appointments every month. The programme, moreover, puts particular attention to the residents in the Municipality of Nairn: they have free entrance to the museum. Here you are the programme of November: • Exhibition: “Narni in contrast”: presentation of the degree thesis relating to the theme “Narni and its history”. The exhibition is about arguments from the prehistoric period to the culture of industrial archaeology. 7th November 2008, at 4.30p.m. thesis: Church of Santa Maria Maggiore Reporter Dt. Giulio Faustini • Exhibition “the Museum speaks with…”: interviews to people who are important in the social and cultural point of view in Narni. The interviews did by journalists from Narni. There are different themes about art, literature, politic and sport. 8th November2008, at 4.30p.m.: Bruno Marone, interviewed by Marcello Guerrieri • Exhibition: “An eye on the particular”: meetings about artistic and historical themes. These subjects permit to know the town and the territory also thanks to the museum collection. The theme during the year will be “Narnia during the Roman period” 16th November2008, at 4.00p.m.: Myths and Religions of the Roman period • Exhibition “An eye on the particular under 14”: artistic-historical meetings for young people and children during the school. The themes are the same of “an eye on the particular” (for adults) 22nd Novembre 2008, at 4.00p.m.:: Fibula and mantel • Exhibition “Speaking about culture”: the initiatives will be in collaboration with the local cultural associations. 23rd November 2008, at 4.00p.m.: reading Orazio... In collaboration with “Librarsi” association Information: Museum of the town and the territory tel. +39.0744.717117
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Falls & tradition: the St. Anthony┬'s Feast
January 12, 2009

  • Once upon a time, in the villages, a pig had been released. It had been feed from the villagers. When they sold it, managed to have a lot of money to finance the Feast of St. Anthony. He is one of the most important figure of the Christianity and example of the hermitical life. And the Nerina Valley, earth of Saints, hermits and cloisters wanted to celebrate this ancient figure, very important for the popular culture. For this reason Arrone at the end of XVII century founded a confraternity dedicated to him. All this thanks to the bell-ringer of Arrone, a group which every year organized the feast to “revaluate the popular tradition” – say them – and usually many people come to see the feast. The meeting is on Sunday 18th January, when at 11.00a.m. in the church of S. Maria Assunta will celebrate the traditional mass, like in the medieval Age: in that period the peasants reached Arrone and give animals to the priest for the blessing in the square. Today the animals are above all dogs, cats and not only bovine; but the spirit is the same. If you go in the website (, you can find the name of women who prepare the doughnuts. It is an ancient tradition that still exist… Here you are the timetable of the feast: the meeting is on Sunday 18th January in Piazza Garibaldi, Arrone. The mass at 11.00a.m. The blessing of animals at 11.45a.m. then the distribution of the doughnuts.
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The Falls & the motorcyclist: the Motor trip
January 07, 2009

  • In January is the edition number 24; but in reality an unknown motorcyclist, in the first years of 70s, decided to arrive at the top of the mountain called “montagna della Croce”. He liked the surrounded nature and the sun in contrast with the fog of the city very much. On Sunday the Motor trip starts, the first amateur sport of the year; the participants are over 1000 from all Italy with famous people (like Guido Meda and other journalists of the previous edition). Many kind of motors – racer, trail bike, and so on. The course of about hundred metres, final lunch with typical dishes of the southern Umbria. They can admire the beauties of this territory, respecting the environment. The competition is also opened to women and children. Already possible the entering: on Saturday, 10th January in the secretary and the departure on Sunday the 11th January at 10.00a.m. a different kind to know the attractive of the territory and visit Marmore Falls that is near the places of Motor trip. Information and booking: “A.S. Mototrip citta' of Terni” c/o Studio Bicorgna Via Borsi, 2, 05100 - Terni (TR) Tel: +39.0744.221706 Fax: +39.0744.227658 Website: E-Mail:
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The Epiphany, the ┬"Befana┬" along the Nera river
December 30, 2008

  • They know that the 6th January arrive the Befana. She goes along the Nera river with the canoe. It is a very beautiful spectacle! The course of the water, the second in Italy, surrounded in the lush vegetation at the top of Marmore Falls (4 km), with the Canadian canoe after a trip of 300 metres. Many people who wait to see the show. At 5.30p.m. the canoes are near Arrone and near the most beautiful medieval villages and when it starts the night goes down the river distributing sweet, chocolate for children, the protagonist of the event. a very interesting event is the “ Befana torchlight procession” . An idea realized by the “Canoe Group of Terni”. 10 Canadian canoes, athletes with the torchlight who accompanied the Befana. The events is included in the other events of Valnerina. The meeting is on 6th January at 5.00p.m. in the canoes centre of Arrone. Information: the Municipality of Arrone Tel.: +39.0744.387611
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The living crib of the Lovers during St. Valentine┬'s Day
December 29, 2008

  • The living crib of St. Valentine’s Day – in Terni – is really a special crib. It is the lover for God, celebrated with the Nativity, and it is love between two people, important for all the human being. 24 milieu, 8.000 metre square, 169 people, 50 animals, the shepherd, the Three Wise Men, the forester, the joiner, the stonecutter…they were there, near the relics of the Saint, protector of the lovers. St. Valentine, Patron of Terni, is near the crib in the cathedral that take his name. Many legends born to his name, spread all over the world, from Japan to the USA , from Latin America to Asia and Oceania. But to the patron of Terni, martyr on 14th February 273 under the Roman emperor Aureliano tells an extraordinary legend: Sabina and Serapia were fallen in love, he was a roman soldier (pagan), she was from Terni (Christian) and Valentino – in that time bishop of Terni who marry them. The living crib and St. Valentine, an occasion for visiting Marmore Falls and reach the cathedral in few minutes by car. “ it was last year when the parents of the elementary school’s children – tells Fabio Matteucci, who organizes also the crib with the municipality of Terni -. This year other people help us to do it”. Jesus is a child born months ago, Mary and Joseph with his parents. The fire lights the milieu, the objects made with wood. Free entrance from 4.30p.m. to 8.30p.m. on 26th, 27th, 28th December 2008, the first and the 6th January 2009. A very interesting thing to do waiting the St. Valentine events, the feast of lovers, celebrated in all over the world on 4th February, the day of St. Valentine. Information: IAT (Local Tourism Service) of Terni
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Christmas in the Falls: the living crib of Arrone
December 23, 2008

  • For Arrone is the event. But not only for Arrone: the living crib exhibited in the ancient village, not far from Marmore Falls, is an event for all Umbria; a lot of beauties and the suggestion of the representation. It was born 15 years ago from an initiative of the Tourist Local Service and had a lot of success. Thanks to the success the inhabitants decided to create an association, symbol of the medieval centre: “ committee of the castle”. More than 100 walks on, public local transformed for Eucharist and the Last Supper, civic tower with body guards for the census, the little square of St. John used for the Annunciation. In the local offered by the inhabitants of the castle the representation of the ancient works, in particular the scene of the wheat, so the oil press, the flour, the work of bread. And then the set of the pastoral in the rock below the tower, the market (where Joseph and Mary looked for a inn) along the main road and the bell made by the missing artist Luciano Tomassucci, loved in Arrone. This is the living crib in Arrone, the traditional meeting, the attraction of the town both for the citizens and the public administration. The dates for the representation – from 5.00p.m. – are the 26th December, the first and the 6th January, and maybe the 4th January if it rains. The entrance and the guided visits are free. We thank the fascinating castle of Arroni (the location of the crib). Also the TV programme of Channel 5 play some places for the production of the film about the life of Padre Pio. Information: the Municipality of Arrone Tel. telephone: +39.0744.387611
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Christmas in the Falls:┬" the route of the cribs┬"
December 23, 2008

  • the ancient connection road towards Spoleto where shepherds, artisans and coalmen passed through; an ancient mule-track becomes “the route of the cribs” and people have the possibility to admire the Nativity in the night in a natural cave, the Annunciation in a Romanic church, the Last Supper in an aedicule and so on. The artistic representations made by the students of Montefranco and Ferentillo together with bys of the youth centre and therapeutic communities. A beautiful area of the Nerina Valley not far from Marmore Falls, along the opened trekking route Gabbio-Nicciano. The kermes will be on 6th January 2009: from 10.30a.m. in the church of Santa Maria in Ferentillo to arrive in Nicciano after one hour by walk. The mass in the church of the village, then come back along the mule-track transformed in “the route of the cribs”. It is possible to see also the works of the boys made by natural materials, above all wood and cardboard. In the afternoon guided visits to the religious aedicule of San Rocco and Santa Lucia, the town of Gabbio with the church of San Vincenzo (of Romanic origin, inside frescos of the XVI century made by Francesco da Lugnano), the church of San Michele Arcangelo in Nicciano dated back to the XVI century. At 3.00p.m. there will be the exhibition of the singers of the Nerina Valley in Ferentillo and then… the descend of the “Befana” (the photo above) from the tower bell of the St. Mary’s church. A very beautiful Christmas day also with the guide of CAI ( the Italian alpine club).
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Christmas in the Falls: the living crib of Porzano
December 23, 2008

  • Before, the name was Terre Arnolfe, from the name of imperial dignitary. Today, the name is Valserra because it is between the Serra river. Here the past is strong. There were ere the Roman origin, the castles, the walls and the settlements. The living cribs of Porzano tells about the Nativity and the history of the valley and of the village along the spoletina road able to preserve the original medieval settlement. More than 100 people involved, more than 300 visitors since 1982, the date of the first representation. The volunteers work hard. Since October they start to build the village and prepare the dresses. A community involved to do a romantic and religious spectacle at the same time. The ancient and forgotten professions – the man of the mill, the blacksmith, the clobber and the basket-maker – the women knead the bread near the domestic fire and also the joiner, stonecutter, the grinder, the roman soldiers with the armours… it seems that the time doesn’t go on. An hidden valley between beauties of the south Umbrian, the living crib renovated for 26 years… the meeting is in the town of Porzano – few minutes by auto and not far from Marmore Falls – the 24th December at 10.00p.m., the 26th December at 5.00p.m., the 1st January and the 6th January 2009 at 5.00p.m. . For information: IAT( the Local Tourism Information) of Terni tel. +39.0744.423047
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The cartoon of the Falls in the bookshop, boom of sales
December 23, 2008

  • “I excited to see all these children in front of the shop window” says Carlo Malatesta after the launch of the book in the library of the cartoon that tells about the enchanted story of the Falls. Carlo is the animator of the enchanted walk, the visit for children (usually did in the area of the Falls). he is also the author of the cartoon. The promotion of the book was in the bookshop located in the centre Terni: the bookshop Alterocca. There was also the “urban” version of the enchanted story able to fascinate not only the children but also parents and grandparents. Great success and satisfaction for Marmore Falls editor, the society that manages the tourist services of Marmore Falls. Until yesterday the cartoon was only in the Lower and Upper Outlook ticket-office: a book, rich of images. 1000 copies sold since April. It tells about the legend of the shepherd Velino and the nymph Nera. Thanks to their love the Falls was born. A project full of success and for this reason distributed in the local bookshops to reach in the future also the roman market. The roman market will be important when we speak about tourism of Terni “The re-evocation of myths and natural places – says Malatesta – attract the imagination, and the legend of the Falls has been cited in different books. I elaborate it adding new elements like the ring gave from the shepherd Velino to the nymph Nera”.
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