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April 07, 2017

  • FIND OUT THE EVENTS WITH THE NATURALISTIC BACKGROUND: We inform in particular the photographic exhibition "Castelluccio di Norcia blooms again: places, situations and dreams that never die", in program from 22 April to 7 May by the excursion area of the Marmore Falls.
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December 16, 2016

  • (from CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO OF TGR UMBRIA: new injection of confidence for the promotion of the teritory of Terni and of Umbria, after the revelation linked to the Landscape with river, the Leonardo's painting that reproduced the Marmore Falls and the Papigno fortress. This time the breakthrough has been accomplished on the techmological point of view through the realization of the first phase of the ‘Umbria Experience’ project by DIT with the support of the Carit foundation, of the Umbrian Region and of the municipalities of the territory, Terni ahead. Through ‘Umbria Experience’ we decide to focus on the local marketing video, with the realization of an audiovideo in italian and english - there are two versions of 4 and 8 minutes - that illustrates, with suggestive videos, the main tourist sites and excellences of the territory, trying to point out the most interesting and exciting aspects. From the video also two spots of 10 and 15 seconds have been done that will be promoted on the Sky channel with 440 ‘passages’, the 40% of these are in prime time. A work – thanks to Euromedia – that could be also used by the istitutions and from whom, privates ahead, that want to contribute to the promotion of the territory and, why not, of their activities, of their restaurants and hotels. Virtual reality the second video, dedicated to the Marmore Falls, permits to demonstrate the virtual reality in easy and efficient way. Through the ‘cardboard’ system is in fact possible to observe the Falls in all his è infatti possibile of aspects, for a new experience and able to involve completely the user and the tourist. Referring to the Booking On Line, starting by the aim to increase the stay of tourists in the territory, to trust and incentivizing to come back many times, the DIT has realized a new on-line platform for booking the hotel facilities and not only. The addition value of the initiative is in fact the possibility together with the overnight stay to create - in complete autonomy - ad hoc holiday packages that include also tourist activities, tickets, excursions, sporting activities, ecological transportation rent to move, services linked to wellness and more. All these through some cklick, with the site that will be online before Christmas. Always in this direction, we work side by side with Coni of Terni and the sporting association to include it in the ‘circuit’ also of the mail sporting events - not few - that are in the city of Terni. All these through holidays packages with agreed upon prices that is possible to reach with the web platform www.umbriaexperience.itA possibility that refers also who that organize and manage events, exhibitions and congress of the territory, through an integrated offer with all the services that can be useful both the organization and the participants. Every event will be assigned to a code that allow to enter in a reserved area where will be visualized different services with conventione prices. The presentation to the presentation, that was Friday morning by the seat of the Carit foundation, the Dit president Stefano Notari, the MD Roberto Bartolini, the president of the Carit foundation Luigi Carlini, the municipal assessor Emilio Giacchetti and the administrator Coni for Terni, Stefano Lupi.Present, between the public, businessman of tourism, institutions and woh have worked to the realization of the project. The project ‘Umbria Experience’ will be finished for the next months with the realization of the second step that excpected the installation of the multimedia totem in the main arriving points and of stay of tourist in the territory.
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December 15, 2016

  • THE VIDEO ON LEONARDO DA VINCI TO THE MARMORE FALLS: Since 17 December 2016, on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays at 2.30pm from the Upper Outlook will be possible to discover the trails and the places traversed by Leonardo da Vinci in the August of 1473, and admire the landscapes depicted in the painting preserved in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. The thesis about the identification of our places in the Leonardo's painting has been presented by the doctor Luca Tomio last 12 December. The guided tour "On the traces Leonardo Da Vinci" is included in the Promotional Rate (10,00 euro for adults and 7,50 for children 6-14 years and over 70 included the park of the Falls and a guided tour), and can be bought by the two ticket-offices when you buy the entrance ticket.
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November 26, 2016

  • From water to rock, 26 November 2016 from 10.00am. Opening ceremony of the Bryum trail (the variety of moss) "Carmela Cortini" and presentation of the video by Francesco Petretti (Geo&Geo, Rai 3) and realized by himself. Torreorsina and Marmore Falls (Terni) Info: +39 3333553040
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Fantaserra & Social Agriculture
October 23, 2016

  • FANTASERRA Marmore Falls, 23 October 2016 THE GRASSES OF THE ELF (the booking is compulsory) Treasure hunt, directed by Gnefro…to the discovery of the aromatic plants of the park… Departure: at 11.30pm the little boys Village Duration: 1 hour/ Advised age 3-7 years / Cost € 4,50 + entrance ticket (free entrance, beyond the exhibition of the identity document that testifies the residence in the Municipality of Terni) FANTAFRAGRANCE OF THE WOOD (the booking is compulsory) Plant of aromatic seeds in the recycled recipients and decorations of recycled materials. it will be moreover described the life cycle of plants and their importance in the ecosystem. Departure: at 3.30pm from the greenhouse of the environmental educational centre Duration: 1 hour/ Advised age 3-9 years / Cost € 4,50 + entrance ticket (free entrance, beyond the exhibition of the identity document that testifies the residence in the Municipality of Terni) INFO AND BOOKING: +390744.62982 / The event is organized by the 165m Marmore Falls, tourist service management of the Marmore Falls, with the patronage of the Municipality of Terni, in collaboration with the SOcial Coop ACTL, ALIS and Terre Umbre. With the participation of the nationalcivil servil voulnteers. At 3.30pm, Naturalistic guided tour by CEA Environmental Education Centre.
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Ponte del Toro: a marvel not far from tha Waterfall
October 01, 2016

  • The wonderful bridge called Ponte del Toro of the Roman period is an earthly paradise to discover and respect: a perfect union betwenn nature and archaeology. It is near the Marmore Falls, in the south part of the Lower Outlook, on the edge of the state highway SS209: coming from Terni, turn on the right and if you come from north, turn on the left. Ponte del Toro is the most impressive monument of the city, after the Curiano channel. Important as the artifact witnesses and also because many people worked to the construction of this work. This monument is the most imponent work of the Roman period in the territory of Terni The construction seems an infrastructural work, but it isn't: tight dimension, only bout 2 metres, it doesn't for a street; we are sure that the bridge was an hydraulic work and there is also an hypotesis that it was for the canalization of the waters. His name is due to the entire area that that is at the top of the bridge: it is a great plane that means "bull" and artificial plane , used for the cultivation of fields. A work discovered recently: the first time was in 1819, thanks to the engineer Giuseppe Riccardi, a second time at the beginning of the XX century by Luigi Lanzi who cleaned and since that time the bridge remains always on sight even if the abandon. The recovery is thanks to the great work of different people who collaborated to each other to find out again this wonderful work of the past: Carlo Virili, Miro Virili and several workers as Federico Nannurelli (Municipality of Terni) and Stefano Notari (Social Coop ACTL and ALIS). Ponte del Toro, during the time, wil be one of the attractions near the excursion and tourist area of the Marmore Falls; in the future will be realized also a trail that leads from here to the botanical garden of the Marmore Falls.
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September 10, 2016

The spectacles in the Roman Amphitheatre of Carsulae 22/7 > 3/9
July 22, 2016

  • All the details about the Roman Amphitheatre and about the spectacles in programme, click on the following link: How to reach the archaeological area of Carsulae: Friday 22 July at 7.30pmCarsulae c/o Roman TheatreTeatro Acciaio presents "IMPERATOR"A fantastic travel in the lives of the Cesar's familyby and with Stefano Di MajoAdvance sale by Libreria Alterocca€ 10,00 / Info: +39 0744424337 - +39 0744409201 Sunday 24 July at 7.00pmCarsulae c/o Roman TheatreEsedomani Association presents"LIRICO NOTTE"Recital for Celtic harp and playing voiceby and with Michael Crisantemi; harp: Maurizio Caira.Free entrance Thursday 28 July at 7.30pmCarsulae c/o Roman TheatreCantiere d'arti presenta"LE STRANIERE"Teatro musicale per sole vociAdvance sale by the box office CAOS€ 10,00 / Info: +39 3404188488 Saturday 30 July at 9.00pmCarsulae c/o Roman TheatrePolvere di Stelle Association presents"SUONI BAND IN CONCERTO"Il nostro canto liberoAdvance sale by New Sinfony - Galleria del Corso, Terni€ 10,00 / Info +39 3312019595 - +39 3484683046 Monday 1 August at 9.00pmCarsulae c/o Roman TheatreTeatro dell'Argine presenta"ODISSEA"Advance sale by box office CAOS€ 10,00 / Info: +39 3404188488 From Friday 5 to Sunday 7 AugustCarsulae c/o Roman TheatreARCI / Maree - Culture in viaggio presents"MEDITERRANEA"
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Agreement with Umbria Green Card
May 31, 2016

  • The Marmore Falls with Umbria Green Card The possessors della Umbria Green Card: special entrance ticket to the Marmore Falls € 6.00.The Umbria Green Card is a personal fiedlity card, available in two types: - Card valid until 7 days with a price of € 5,00 (perfect for the tourist or who visits often Umbria); Card valid 1 years twith a price of € 25,00 (perfect for the resident for whom can have advantages from this Card all year long). Find out all the advantages consulting the web site The Umbria Green Card is available by the ticket-offices of the Marmore Falls (Lower Outlook and Upper Outlook).
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April 22, 2016

  • We communicate to the visitors that since the 1° May 2016 the water release opening hours of the Marmore Falls change relating to the opening hours before. There is an agreement between the present society that mananges the hydroelectric power plant of Galleto (la ERG) for a new modification of the same in order to have an improvement of the tourist needs of the territory, without any problems about the hydroelectric capacity of the energetic group. Belwo the table with the new opening hours, valid all year long:
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