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Eggs hunt
March 26, 2016

  • New event organized by the girls of the National Civil Service in collaboration with the social coop ACTL and ALIS: for the occasion of the arriving of Easter we wait for 26 March 2016, to participate to the EGGS HUNT by the excursion area of the Marmore Falls and CEA Centre of the environmental education. The children help ALEX THE LION (MADAGASCAR), RYDER (PAW PATROL)AND BING-BONG (INSIDE OUT) to find the eggs hidden by their friends around the park! At the end of the mission will be a little treasure for each participants!It will be an exciting experience to enjoy together celebrating the arrival of Easter!The event is FREE, but remember to buy the ticket for entering the park (for the residents of the municipality of Terni the access is free).The event is suitable for children and from 3 up :-)We wait for youFOR INFORMATION:
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Boat Tour in the Piediluco Lake
March 26, 2016

  • From the weekend of Eastern, comes back the Boat Tour in the Piediluco lake! Don't loose the occasion to admire the glimpses and fascinating landscape. BOAT TOUR of the Piediluco Lake:The Piediluco Tour Boat is an unforgettable occasion, if you visit the Marmore Falls. During the long Easter week end and every day also during the holidays until September, will be possible to buy the tickets for the TOUR BOAT IN THE PIEDILUCO LAKE by the Marmore Falls ticket-offices or directly the Miralalgo beach in Piediluco. The typology of the tickets expected:Boat tour of the lake, full ticket: 5,00€Boat tour of the lake, reduced 6-14 anni: 3,00€Boat tour of the lake, reduced ticket for groups (min. 15 pax): 4,00€Boat tour of the lake, reduced ticket for school: 2,50€Boat tour of the lake, free (children up to 5 years) Departure hours: 12.00am, 3.00pm and 5.00pm.Duration: about 45 minutes.The service has been done by Miralago srl, by Baraonda Caffé in Piediluco. The capacity is for each area a maximum of 45 pax. The lake is far from the Lower Outlook by car and 10 minutes from the Supper Outlook: the second exit "Piediluco", reach the parking, situated to 100 metres from the Miralago beach (Baraonda). During holidays is available the linking between the Marmore Falls and the Piediluco lake, with the service of the Bus-Shuttle: departure every hour from the Lower Outlook (on side of the tourist shop area) from 12:00am to 6:00pm (until 7:00pm in June, July, August and September); intermediate stop to the Upper Outlook every hour, from 12:10pm to 6.10pm (until 7:10pm in June, July, August and September). The way back from the lake for the outlooks of the Falls, every hour at 12:40pm to 6:40pm (from June to September the last running is at 7.40pm). (Bus shuttle: Cost € 1,60 each person | children 0-5 years free (the ticket is valid for two trips by bus, in the same day of the purchase) (photo by Stefano Principi)
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The events of the weekend of 5-6 March to the Archaeological Museum of Terni
March 05, 2016

  • Two interesting events in the next weekend to Caos (Centro Arti Opificio Siri) in Terni, to satisfy the curiosity both of the adults and for children. Saturday 5 March 2016, at 4.00pm, to the Archaeological Museum of Terni, will be activities for children fro, 6 to 10 years from the titlw And now it's for us: from the clay as the ancient potters. A laboratory of handling by Valentina Leonelli, that a cost of € 6,00 each child.It is compulsory the booking within 3 March to the mobile phone +39 3404188488 or +39 3283283824, otherwise writing an e-mail to the laboratory will be possible reaching the 5 participants. Sunday 6 March 2016 _ at 10.00am, always to the Archaeological Museum of Terni hosts a new event belong to the discovery of the first Sunday: walking along Terni and around: stories and e curiosities once a month. It will be the time of the sphinx of Terni, scenes and backstage of s symbol; a thematic route, a good breakfast to the museum and the visit to the park of Passeggiata. Seductive for its mysterious, famous for the power of its image . This time, we tell you the reason of a success of a mythological figure, present in the iconographic index of the ancient time and always known in the life of our city. The cost of the activity is of euro 3.00 and for information address to +39 3404188488 or +39 3403458209, or write an e-mail to Both the activities enriched the review to A Terni Non Succede Mai Nulla, by the Social Coop ACTL and ALIS, Indisciplinarte and Civita Cultura.
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February 23, 2016

  • PROMOTION VALID FOR THE YEAR 2016 If school groups and groups of didactic purposes book at least 30 days in advance of the date of visiting and with the purchase of an additional service (guided tours, animated and thematic guided tours, activities of orienteering, laboratory and guided tours in the cave) will be apply the entrance ticket with with special rate 2016 to the cost of € 4,00 (discount of 20%)*. BOOK IT!Callcenter 199 151 123** / fax +39 0744/438852 - discover our services on the SCHOOL section or download the catalogue! *in according to the decision of the municipal assembly of Terni n. 18 of 10/02/2016 **the Cost of the call by landline of Telecom Italia, 10 cents each minute VAT included off the line, every day, 24/24 h. For calling from other operator, the prices are indicated in the customer service of the operator used
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February 13, 2016

  • During your weekend of St. Valentine to the Marmore Falls, shoot a photo with the SELF TIMER with the background of the Lover's Balcony, situated in the middle of the trail n.1. Upload the photo on our 165m Marmore Falls Facebook page – Tourist Service Management of the Marmore Falls with #mymarmorefallsinlove and an unpublished love sentence in the photo or in its description: The photo with more LIKE wins 2 t-shirts of 165m and a guide of the Marmore Falls. The photos could be uploaded from the 13 to the 15 February 2014 at 6:00pm. Regulation of the contestSt Valentine Selfie #mymarmorefallsinlove Go to the official Facebook page 165m Marmore Falls - Tourist Service Management of the Marmore Fallsand, if you have never done before, please click I LIKE 1. Shoot a photo of you 2 to the Lover's Balcony - situated in the middle of the trail 1- during your weekend of St. Valentine!2. Upoload the photo on our Facebook page with an unpublished love sentence in the photo or in the description.3. Don't forget to tag the photo and to add the hashtag #mymarmorefallsinlove The photo that obtain more "I like" within 16/2/2014 win 2 t-shirt of the "165m" and a guide of the Marmore Falls. The staff of 165m will contact the winner through Facebook and within the month of February the prize will be sent. Le foto potranno essere caricate dal 13 febbraio al 15 febbraio alle ore 18:00. There will be considered valid only the photos shooted with self timer to the Lover's balcony of the Marmore Falls. The photos that aren't considered idoneous, will be cancelled or removed. The couple that wins will be proclaimed on 17/2/2016 … their photos will be published on our Facebook page. The competition isn't sponsorized,helped, administrated or associated with Facebook. INFO: / 165m Marmore Falls - Tourist Service Management of the Marmore Falls
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January 30, 2016

  • The social coop Alis of Terni, in the persons of the boys of the National Civil Service, for the occasion of the event of St. Valentine to the Marmore Falls “The enamored Marmore”, with the present announcement establishes the first edition of the literary contest “Baci e Marmore” 2016. It is expected only one section:•POETRY THE PARTICIPANTSThe subject of the poems must be LOVE in each form.It will be dedicated particular attention to the texts that refer to the figure of St. Valentine and/ or Marmore Falls. The contest is riserve to the authors, beginners and not, of any nationality.The participation is free and not subordinated to any kind of payment.It is allowed works in foreign and Italian languages provided that will be the Italian translation. We can participate to the contest with a maximum of two works for authors and with not more 50 verses.The work will be in word or pdf format. We have to write the title of the work, the name of the author and his address both in word file and per e-mail to the address .The last date for sending the data is on 12 February 2016 at 00.00pm.The winner will be declared on 12 February 2016 in the facebook page of the event #BACIAMARMORE. THE JURYThe jury will be composed by the organizers of the event “the enamored Marmore” 2016. THE PRIZEThe inning poem will be exhibited all year long to the ticket offices of the Lower and Upper Outlook as tribute of the City of St. Valentine. Moreover, the inning poem will be commented by a reader of the territory of Terni and reproduces, togheter with cornerstones of the wordwide love poetry, during all the evento f “the enamored Marmore” as acustic accompaniment to the emoziona journey to the Park of Marmore. Info: concorsobaciamarmore@gmail.comWeb:
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November 23, 2015

The Marmore Falls in the poetry of a child
October 01, 2015

  • A guided tour (at night), two children – Andrea and Federico – we thank them for the given emotions. At Marmore Falls happens also this. Read the poem that Federico, 13 years old, has been dedicated to the naturalistic spectacle able to fascinate during the last centuries the poets of the Grand Tour. He wrote it but in collaboration with the heart of Andrea La Cascata delle MarmoreSuoni cadenti ti portan ad ascoltare,Armonie unite ti portan a guardare;Bellezza, potenza danzano con eleganza Nella soave voce dell’ammirazione;Bellezza travolge gli occhi, Potenza travolge il cuore,E flora tocca l’anima.Velino e Nera si mischiano nell’amore,L’amore si mischia con la vita, E la vita si anima di vita. Federico Russo
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Simenon looks in the mirror and sees Maigret
September 08, 2015

  • Presentation of the book of Maurizio Testa "Maigret and the case Simenon"_ Robin edition then the aperitif free event Saturday 19 September 2015 _ at 5.00pm Archaeological Area and the "U.Ciotti" Visiting and Documentation Centre of Carsulae info: +39 0744 334133 The book: A detective story biography of one of the greatest master of thriller. The novel tells in fact about an unreal inquiry about Simenon entrusts to his most famous creature: the commissioner Maigret. He brings to light the extraordinary life of the novelist who sold all over the world beyond half thousand of books. The Author: Maurizio Testa, journalist and writer, is one of the most expert and scholar of Simenon in Italy and in Europe. His books have been translated in german and french. He received important rewards also in Belgium, Georges Simenon's homeland. Georges Joseph Christian Simenon (Liegi, 13 February 1903 – Losanna, 4 September 1989) has been writer in french language, author of several novels, famous to the great public above all for having invented characters of Jules Maigret, police french commissioner.Among the most prolific writer of the XX century, Simenon was able to produce up to eighty pages every day. He published, under different nickname, hundred of novels and stories. His works have been translated in more than fifty languages in more than forty countries and overtake more than thousand of copies.
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Facilities Carsulae and Orvieto Underground
September 08, 2015

  • We inform the visitors that if you buy the ticket of Carsulae, you can have a discount of 1 € in the full ticket for the entrance to the Orvieto Underground. Vice-versa if you buy the ticket of Orvieto Underground, you have a discount of 1 € and also REDUCTIONS for the CLASSIC GUIDED TOURS and for theTHEMATIC ROUTES in the site of Carsulae.
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