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Domenica 21 giugno in Cascata raccolta fondi e sensibilizzazzione per la patologia rara HHT
June 15, 2015

  • 165m Marmore Falls ed il Comune di Terni sostengono il mese mondiale per la consapevolezza dell’HHT. E’ una patologia rara il cui unico sintomo evidente è il sangue dal naso. Per evitarne i risvolti peggiori è indispensabile una diagnosi precoce. Domenica 21 Giugno si terrà all’interno dell’area del parco “Una Cascata di Consapevolezza” giornata di sensibilizzazione e raccolta fondi per l’HHT. Per maggiori info sull’HHT Vi aspettiamo!
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In Carsulae Saturday 4 July at 6.30pm: Le Variazioni Goldberg, a very great concert
May 22, 2015

  • Ramin Bahrami - Piano organization: Fondazione Carit and Associazione Culturale Araba Fenic Cultural Association and Terni under the patronage of MIBAC and the Superintendence of the Archaeological of Umbria and under the patronage of the municipality of Terni in case of bad weather the concert will be the day after always at the same date Saturday 4 July2015 _ at 6.30pm archaeologica Area and the "U. Ciotti" Visiting and Documentation Centre of Carsulae Info: +39 0744 334133 Ufficio Comunicazione CoopSociali ACTL e ALIS
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On 22 May, the celebration day of Saint Rita, the timetable as holiday
May 21, 2015

  • We inform the visitors that on Wednesday 22 May 2015, a celebrative day of Saint Rita from Cascia, the tourist area of the Marmore Falls will regulated from the timetable and of Holidays. Opening of the area: from 9.00am to 10.00pm Release of the water: in the morning, from 10.00am to 1.00pm in the afternoon, from 3.00pm to 10.00pm For information: Marmore Falls ticket-office tel. +39 0744 62982 fax +39 0744 404235 e-mail
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Carsulae in a drop of water: on 22, 23 and 24 May 2015.
May 12, 2015

  • The history of the city of Carsulae in a drop of water is the new appointment of the review “A Terni Non Succede Mai Nulla” by the Coop sociali Actl and Alis, Indisciplinarte, Accoglienza Diocesana e Civita Cultura. Inside the project of research "multidisciplinary study of the Archaeological Site of Carsulae for the evaluation and valorization of the environmental, cultural and lanscape heritage", the researchers involved, give information about the instruments used to the pubblic during the researches. In the morning of Friday 22 and Saturday 23 May, the schools of the territories around did a guided tour inside the archaeological area and have the possibility to see the works and touch the instruments used. On Sunday 24 morning, from 9,30am to 1,00pm, the pubblic can participate to the thematic guided tour (€ 2,00 a persona), during whom they can have information about the geological and archaeological development of Carsulae, with particula attention to the theme of waters during the Roman Time. In collaboration with: Municipality of San Gemini, Geolab of San Gemini, INGV, University of Camerino Info: +39 0744 334133 Ufficio Comunicazione Coopsociali ACTL e ALIS
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9 May at 6.00pm, Marmore Falls:exhibition of works by master Borozan "a shirt full of energy"
May 06, 2015

  • The biggest shirt in Europe to the highest Falls in Europe...the artistic tribute of the master Igor Boza Borozan for the great Nikola Tesla. Saturday 9 May by the route 2 of the Marmore Falls. The last art work of the Master Igor Borozan, a shirt full of "energy", dedicated to the great Nicola Tesla. a special shirt that testifies the greatness of an extraordinary charatcter, a great "forgotten" scientist. The shirt of Borozan, with its 7 metres high, will be exhibited in Terni by the Marmore Falls. Tesla is in fact the father of the modern alternating electricity, of neon, of the radio, of TV, of radar, of Xrays. But not only makes Nikola Tesla a man too ahead for his time. How says in one of his most famous interventions, Tesla thought in a future of peace, a free world with an energy available for all. The man, who living between ‘800 and ‘900, has enlighted, in the cultural and literary point of invention as the radio. Performance of artistic dancing and light design by Alessandra Sulpizi. Thanks to the muinicipality of Terni and, special thanks goes to the Dott. Giorgio Armillei Assessor to the Culture for the realization of this event, to the management resposible of the Falls for the municipality of Terni Federico Nannurelli and of ATI 165m Marmore Falls - Tourist Service Management of the Marmore Falls (Coopsociali ACTL e ALIS, Coop Sistema Museo, Accoglienza Diocesana, Civita). Municipality of Terni in collaboration with:
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Marmore Falls, the route n.1 and the lover's balcony open again
April 28, 2015

  • We inform the visitors that the route n.1 and the Lover's Balcony open again. It links the Lower Outlook with the Upper Outlook through a very suggestive walk in the middle of the beautiful and pure nature up to the wonderful "La Specola" viewpoint. Information Lower Outlook ticket-office tel. +39 0744 62982 fax +39 0744 362231 e-mail: skype cascatamarmore Upper Outlook ticket-office tel. +39 0744 67561
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Waterfall, 10 April: inauguration of the new lighting plant, philatelic cancel and recharge system for the electric cars
April 09, 2015

  • Friday 10 aprile 2015 at 7.30pm Marmore Falls FRIDAY 10 APRIL AT 7.30PM, MARMORE FALLS: ECOSOSTENIBILITY’, COLONNINE ELETTRIC SYSTEMS, TOURISM AND THE NEW LIGH OF THE MARMORE FALLS THAT WILL BE THE PROTAGONIST OF THE PHILATELIC CANCEL LINKED TO THE EMISSION OF STAMPS BELONG TO THE THEMATIC SERIES OF "LANDSCAPE AND NATURAL HERITAGE" DEDICATED TO THE TOURISM & NERINA VALLEY. The Marmore Falls is always the symbol of a clean environment. Ecosostenibility, electric systems, tourism and the new light of the Marmore Falls, will be in fact the thems and the new plants of Friday 10 April. A day where the collaboration between the municipal administration and the ASM Terni S.p.A., have been strenghtned with the help of the 165m Marmore Falls, manager of the naturalistic site. It starts at 7,30pm with the inauguration of the recharge systems for electric cars. There are also other in Terni, located in Rotonda dei Partigiani and in Piazza Tacito. The others two will be by Piazzale Fatati of the Marmore Falls. The day goes on with the presentation of the Umbria Green Card itineraries for the use of the electric cars and of the new perspectives for an “eco-sostenible tourism” where we encourage a tourism important for our territory, where nature and the respect for the landscape beauties have to be instruments of development and growth. At 8,30pm inauguration of the new artistic light of the Marmore Falls. The project is of the ASM Terni S.p.A. that improve the present plant. For this particular occasion the image of the Falls will be also the protagonist for the philatelic cancel linked to the emmision of stamps belong to the thematic series of " the landscape and natural heritage". From 2.00pm to 8.00pm by the Byron Lower Outlook, Poste Italiane Section of Terni, startts a temporary service dedicated to the Marmore Falls. Intervene: Leopoldo Di Girolamo, Major of Terni and President of the Province of Terni Stefano Bucari, Assessor to the Public Works of the municipalirty of Terni Daniela Tedeschi, Assessor to the Tourism of the municipalirty of Terni Emilio Giacchetti, Assessor to the Environment of the municipalirty of Terni Donatella Venti, Urban planning of the Province of Terni Carlo Ottone, President ASM Terni S.p.A. Ing. Stefano Tirinzi, General Director ASM Terni S.p.A. Enzo Loperfido, Dirigente Electric Service ASM Terni S.p.A. Ing. Fabio Mugnai, Unit of Enel distribution Toscana and Umbria Administrator Umbria Energy Laura Caparvi Vincenzo Giuliani, Director section of Terni of Poste Italiane Anna Passeri, Commercila Resp. section of Terni of Poste Italiane Pellegrino Parletta, Philatelic Resp. for Umbria of Poste Italiane Luciano Zepparelli Technica Resp. Umbria Green Card Federico Nannurelli, Integrated Plan of the Area Resp. for the municipality of Terni Stefano Notari, Resp. 165m MarmoreFalls (social Coop ACTL and ALIS, Sistema Museo, Accoglienza Diocesana, Civita Cultura) Tourist Service Management of Marmore Gabriele Giovannini, President of DIIT
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3 April Good Friday, living Via Crucis to the Campacci of marmore
April 01, 2015

  • La Pro Loco of Marmore organizes the historic coomemoration of the passion of Christ. The Via Crucis, I mean the street walk thorugh by Jesus Christ from his sentence to the Golgota where he wa crucified. Leaving from the church of Marmore in some squares and caractheristic places of the village up to the park of Campacci where the last stations will be represented: the process, the crucifixion. the death and the resurrection. All in the magic atmosphere belongs to another dimension.
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Marathon, Cioccolentino, visit to the "real " saint: the month of lovers is in Terni
January 29, 2015

  • The most known events are surely the marathon of St. Valentine (expected the passing to the Marmore Falls Sunday 16 February) and the kermes of chocolate (Cioccolentino), but from the first February to 7 March 2014 is worth to visit Terni for several reasons. That lapse of time, in fact, is dedicated to the most interesting and beautiful festival from the inhabitants of Terni, that linked to St. Valentine, protector of lovers and patron of the city. There many exhibitions for the occasion, different between sporting, cultural, artistic and religious events. We have already said about the most known, or the marathon in program Sunday 16 February and Cioccolentino, the kermes dedicated to chocolate and expected from 12 to 16 February. THE VISIT TO ST. VALENTINE AND TO THE RELIC OF THE GROOMS WHO GIVE ORIGIN TO THE LEGEND It is funny – it’s true – but maybe most suggestive come and visit the “ owner” of the events I mean St. Valentine. His relics has been preserved in the crypt of the basilica to whom dedicated, situated near the downtown. And finds in the presence of the real saint, with the fantastic history that the saint has, Is too important and original thing. A very strong and deep emotion: in front of the shrine we think about his epic life (Valentine has been martyred on 273 AD under the empire of Aureliano, the body carried to Terni from his disciples and buried on the hill outside the wall, in a cemetery area where the basilica arouse and now preserved the remains). It isn’t enough, because in the municipal archaeological museum we can visit the grave of the Roman centurion Sabino and the girl from Terni Serapia (they were buried all together), or the grave of the two grooms who gave origin to the tradition of St. Valentine, protector of lovers (in 245 AD Sabino, Roman centurion, while passing in Terni, felt in love of the Christian Serapia and for marrying her, he converted himself to the Christianity. On the eve of the marriages, however, we discovered that the young girl was too ill and when she is dying Sabino asked to Valentine to not to be separated from her. He put the hands up in the air and the two young people slept together embraced in an eternal sleep). The history melt to the legend: the shivers are ensured. THE MARATHON OF ST VALENTINE In program on Sunday 16 February, is maybe the most known exhibition of the events during St. Valentine in Terni. Last year has been recorded about 1700 inscriptions, addressed to be overcome this year, in according with the forecasts. “Many athletes have been already enrolled and they come from Germany, England, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia and even the New Zeland”, the organizing committee says. As tradition, is expected the passing of the marathon inside the Lower Outlook of the Marmore Falls. Information: IAT del Ternano Via Cassian Bon, 4 05100 Terni Tel. +39 0744 423047 Tel. +39 0744 427259
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Great success of the birds garden
January 28, 2015

  • The mangers, placed by the CIAV Association with the University of Perugia and l’Ati 165m Marmore Falls (coop Actl, Alis, Sistema Museo, Diocesan Centre and Civita) inside the excursion area of the Marmore Falls on 4 October, has a great success. The first important goal on the efficacy about the initiative is “testified” directly by the beneficiaries of the supplies points, I mean all the birds that are in that environmental kind and have appreciate the seeds every day provided by the operators of CEA ( Environmental Education Centres) in the specific places. Many species have been observed, common and uncommon, go in the mangers to feed. Blue tits, Great tits, the common chaffinches and the most un common woodpeckers, the blackbirds and the robin redbreasts that every day queue to eat, sometimes argue with other birds and sometimes fighting to triumph on other species. Who, among the tourists of the Falls, had the patience and the chance to stop near the five areas equipped, has certainly observed these funny and alternative but very important scenes of the “alive nature”. This naturalistic aspect of the area of the Falls was in fact eluded by the more absent – minded. Now, instead of, we can discover other surprises of this precious site: an incredible quantities and varieties of birds, more or less linked indissolubly to this vulnerable ecosystem. The CIAV association, that manages the ornithological and micological exhibition rooms in Palazzo Magalotti of Collestatte Paese included inside the Environmental Education Centres of the municipality of Terni always in collaboration with the University of Perugia and the ATI 165 m Marmore Falls would like to finish the initial project of the birds garden, also encouraged by the results obtained, to continue the work of awareness and environmental education to whom the local schools have already rapturously answered. We hope that in the future we confirm this unique opportunity and that all the subjects involved until now, can collaborate efficiently to the success of this ambitious common program. 165m Marmore Falls –Marmore Falls Tourist Service Management C.I.A.V. Centre of Environmental Initiative in the Nerina Valley Collestatte, via Magalotti 1
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