Holiday Packages

Visite at the archeological site of Carsulae
starting from € 31,00

  • Carsulae, ancient Roman city placed on the originary Flaminia Way, is one of the most famous archeological sites in Umbria. It's between Terni and Sangemini, small typical Umbrian village.

    The visite of this city will take back you at the Roman Epoc, you will walk between Forum and Amphitheatre with the inhabitants of that time. This is a funny and interesting experience that you could live with your partner, your friends, your family or alone to learn the history of the Roman Age directly in the place.

    At the end of this visite you will return at the 21st century in the most pleasant way, with a lunch in a good restaurant of Sangemini to taste the umbrian culinary specialties.
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SANGEMINI: guided tour and taste in the medieval age
starting from € 114,00

  • Week-end in the wonderfull city of San Gemini, near Terni and near many other archeological and naturalistic sites. Two days to come back to the Medieval Age in the village of Giostra dell'Arme (medieval Joust).

    On saturday, in this suggestive atmosphere, you will visite historical palaces, churches and a lot of places that often are far from usual itineraries. All this visits with a qualified guide. During the visit a tasting based on typical italian food made in San Gemini. 

    Sunday will be unforgettable for you because you will visit the archeological site of Carsulae, a very important Roman city. After this walking in the roman city you will need a lunch in a good restaurant famous for the typical italian food. 

    Do you want to book this package? San Gemini is waiting for you!
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Horse riding in Valnerina
starting from € 121,00

  • Go far away from the city and come in Umbria!

    This travel package is perfect for a full immertion in the umbrian countrysides visiting the wonderful Valnerina and the small village of Arrone, near Terni.

    You will get pleasure from beauty of some landscapes and you will be amazed by powerness of waters in front of Marmore Falls. You could ride horse on its paths and live an exciting experience where you will be part of nature.

    This travel package is perfect because you will stay in a comfortable agriturisme and here you could taste umbrian specialties in a gluttunous dinner.
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A weekend by mountain bike, but not only...
starting from € 139,00

  • A fascinating weekend, a mix of nature and sport. A new way to understand the reality that surrounds us, at its own pace and its own time. A bike tour to discover dirt paths, old streets now abandoned but still charming and beautiful paths hidden amongst the dense Umbrian nature. Finally, to relax and enjoy the silence of nature, a boat tour of the lake of Piediluco, maybe drinking a cocktail at sunset, when the colors that surround us are even more beautiful. Read More

Aquatic Bachelor or Bachelorette Party!
starting from € 140,00

  • Do you need to organize an unforgettable bachelor/bachelorette party? For such an important occasion, we offer you a funny and exciting week end.

    You'll start with a rafting descent along Nera river, right near the Marmore Falls. Finally, a delicious dinner with local products, served in a pleasant restaurant in the area.

    Fun and great food: the right combination for such a special occasion! Read More

Soft weekend in Umbria among the Valnerina waters!
starting from € 145,00

  • Two days to discover Valnerina, in Umbria, the valley of Nera river wher nature and waters are protagonist.

    A soft program, suitable also for family.

    1st day

    Soft Rafting along an easy stretch of Nera river.

    Entrance to the Marmore Falls Park and enjoy the beautiful bath along the falls. Guided night tour of the Falls. Accommodation in the hotel and overstay night.

    2nd day

    Half day to canyoning in the rock walls between little falls and green nature: an easy for the beginner. Read More

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