Before the human intervetion the Velino river falls with extremely difficulty in the Nera river – because of the calcareous deposits -, forming a series of little Falls in the Marmore rock. The several works in different kind of the Falls of the waters, gives the nowadays aspects to the Falls.
because the waters of the Velino river are used to feed the systems of hydroelectric power plants that are among the most important in Europe. At the top of the drop, thanks to the bulkheads, the water is deviated in the penstocks until the plants of Galleto, situated at the bottom before the city of Terni and from where the Falls is visible in the maximum opening of the Falls in fixed timetables (a lot during the summer, and reduced during the winter). Before reaching Marmore is better to ask for information about the timetable of the water release.
Yes. There is an artificial lightedsystem that permits the visiting also after the sunrise, in accordance with the timetables of the opening of the area.

Yes. Only the route n.5 is accessible not under payment.
Yes. For the access to the tourist area in absence of the water release is necessary however to buy the ticket.
No. The entrance ticket is unique and allow to visit all the area of the Falls. So the same ticket is valid both for the Upper and the Lower Outlook.
No. If you are in the area 5 minutes or the entire day, if you visit only in part or the entire area, the ticket (and the cost) is the same. During the Spring and the Summer, for whom enters after 8.00pm, the cost of the ticket is reduced.
The reductions are for (only in some cases the free entrance) children, boys, old people, handicapped and its companions, organized groups and school groups, the residents in the municipality of Terni. There are cheap tickets for particular professional categories (except for teachers when accompany students, the tourist guides, the drivers when accompany organized groups). There are, instead of, reductions for the entrance after 8.00pm (Spring-Summer) and for the entrance during the week when it is expected the water release (Autumn-Winter).
A visit of the entire area (Lower Outlook, Upper Outlook, the trails n.1, n.2, n.3, n.4 and n.5) can take about 3 or 5 hours. Also a reduced visit ( about 15 minutes or 1 hour), planned in accordance with our own need, can be comprehensive.

About 40 minutes to go up and 20 to go down. The only trial that links the two Outlooks is the number one.

It depends on the traffic. About 15 minutes if you take the former trunk road 79.
Yes. Some days of the year expected by the regulation is available, it is a service that links the Lower with the Upper Outlook.
All the trails are well indicated and suitable alone. The guided services, enriched the experience of the visiting.
Yes. The guides are available for the speleological tours, the nighttimes tours, the botanical tours, the enchanted walk for children, the classical guided tours. To know in which days are organized the guided tours and the possible booking is necessary to inform by the ticket-offices or by the call center of SistemaMuseo (above the referring numbers). Groups and for each person can request the organization of the guided services in any dates (different from that provided by the staff), important is to guarantee the minimum of number of participants.
The two outlooks are suitable with any kind of shoes, for the excursion area (the trails) we recommend the use of trekking or gymnastic shoes. In any case, better is to avoid heels etc. who wants to visit the “Lover’s Balcony” (situated in the middle of the trail n.1) during the opening of the water, we recommend the use of the raincoat because the waters reach the observation point. Ponchos, raincoats are on sale by the bookshop that you will find in the ticket-office

Up the 14 years old is necessary to accompanied by the adults.
In the Lower Outlook the route is suitable until the main observation point situated in the Byron square, suitable is also the road that arrives until the picnic area inside the park, the departure point of the trails n. 1,2,3. In the Upper Outlook, after easy tract of the descend, the observation point is reachable descending about 80 stairs. Totally practicable with the pushchair along the trail n.5 – we are in the Upper Outlook – from where you can see a wonderful and fascinating landscape in the Nerina Valley, but with a partial view of the Falls.

Inside the park isn’t expected the safekeeping of objects. It is however possible address to the staff for further information.
Yes. Any problems for the friends of dogs if they lead with the leash (maximum lenght of 2 metres). It is necessary the use of the muzzle except for puppies up to 6 month – it is compulsory to pick up the “refusals”. The present regulation is for all the races.

Yes. We find it in the Upper and Lower Outlook, inside and outside the tourist area.
Yes. We find different points, both the Lower Outlook and the Lower Outlook. The custody has been only in some period. For the use is requested the payment of € 0,30.
No. The Piediluco lake is 6 kilometres far from the Upper Outlook and 18 far from the Lower Outlook.

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