Fausto Amphitheatre

The amphitheatre of Interamna Nahars - the ancient name of Terni - is located just before the city walls near the entrance door of the ancient Via Flaminia in the city.

The outer perimeter of the building preserves bichrome fragments of opus reticolatum made of local stone.

Inside, was partially rebuilt the cavea, that accommodated the audiences and encircled the

elliptical space arena, intended for gladiatorial games and fights.

For a long time used as a quarry buildings material and property of the bishopric, the amphitheatre is known by an improper name: Fausto, Faustus Titius Liberalis, a seviro augustale - a member of the college responsible for the Imperial cult -, mentioned in an inscription, of uncertain origin, such as probably the dedicant of a monumental altar and not as the customer of this architecture which, however, was wrongly attributed.

Affixed to the facade, is the copy of the inscription, which dates to 672 BC the emergence of the proto-urban settlement of Terni.

The original inscription is kept at the Archaeological Museum of Terni at the Cultural Center of the CAOS.



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