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For years it was the building of the power, today it hosts the multimedia library of Terni, location of cultural events as well as collections of books and multimedia
supports. The building was erected at the beginning of the 14th century on the main square of the city, the Platea Columnarum, renamed in later years piazza Maggiore. The meeting place, the agora, where the corn column stands, is still today the focal point of the city's political-administrative life. The Palazzo, through the stones hung on the facade as well as on the inside, tell by themseves a large part of the city's history dating from its becoming a town hall. It goes from the celebration of King Vittorio Emanuele to that of Giuseppe Garibaldi; to the commemoration of illustrious men, painful or triumphant events that have involved the city.

In 1293 the Municipal if Terni built the structure which they decided to award to the Governor, using the structures of pre-existing houses specifically bought for this purpose. A typical 14th century building, of mighty structures, of which only a few remain in the ex XX September hall, today "Caffe' letterario" of the Library.

The original structure has undergone various rearrangements and renovations which had already began in the 15th century and dictated by the need to adapt the building to the changing requirements during the course of centuries. After the Governor, it hosted the Mayor, and subsequently the representatives of papal power, in whose relevance it has remained, also accommodating the prison in its basement, up to 1872, when it underwent a profound makeover and became the Town Hall, which remained there until the middle of the 1970s. Also the main entrance of the building became not the one already leading on to the main square, but the one on the opposite side, which opens onto the present day piazza Solferino. With the advent of the Regno d'Italia, the building passed on to the municipal power, a return to its origins, in some way. It then became the seat of the mayor, then of the podesta' during the fascist epoch, and then municipal offices during the republican era. Up to the middle of the 1970s when the town hall was relocated and the building was once again subjected to rehash due to the damage caused during the second world war, became the city library.

The most recent rearrangement took place in the 1980s, when the tower, which had been a classic bell-tower adorned with battlements, was also rebuilt. Destroyed during the second world war, it was replaced with a stylized representation of Marmore Waterfalls.



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