The Diocesan and Capitular Museum of Terni is housed in the Palazzo del Seminario Interamnense, adjacent to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, and was built in 1653 on the initiative of the Bishop of Terni, Cardinal Francesco Angelo Rapaccioli. The project includes the symbolic places of the diocese (Cathedral, Seminar and Episcopal Palace) in a monumental complex formed by a plurality of buildings from different eras (Amphitheater and Church of the Carmine). Construction took place affecting the urban fabric of medieval origin, to incorporate insulae, small pre-existing housing units dating back to Roman and late Roman times. Structures such as niches and columns were revealed during the last restoration, to accommodate the works of art collected in religious places of the diocese.

The palace, according to the wishes of Cardinal Rapaccioli, was completely independent from the rest of the Bishop's residence and from the cathedral church except for a loggia, then closed by building a gallery, which connected the seminary to the church. The palace was decorated with a series of frescoes, traces of which remain in the gallery in scenes of the Old Testament as the Sacrificio di Isaccoand the Vicissitudini del profeta Jonah.



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