E-Terni (G. Maraniello)

It is a permanent installation which physically completes a triptych of works that illustrate the city of Terni to whomever, arriving along the motorway network, travels along the avenues that lead into the centre. E-Terni ideally and physically in the centre between Uprium (o Hiperion), the sculpture by Agapito Miniucchi and The Lance of Light (Lancia di Luce) the obelisk, by Arnaldo Pomodoro. The artwork, realised in iron, bronze and steel springs from the artistry of Giuseppe Maraniello, who arrived in Terni immediately after having been awarded the "Guglielmo Marconi " prize for painting, sculpture and electronic art promoted by the University of Bologna.

An artwork consisting of a 24- metre high flagpole , made of corten steel and bronze, which rests on a rectangular- shaped, ten-metre long steel plate. The plate is anchored to the ground on one side only of its four sides, and leaves the ground assuming an oblique position and transmitting a sensation of precariousness which provokes interest and also a fair number of questions from the observer. Maraniello's work has to be observed with a certain amount if attention in order to seize some peculiarities: a man diving into an amphora and a jeering mask are suspended from the flagpole. Other "enrichments" are not lacking, such as a stylised centaur fighting its own tail and a golden sphere.



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