CAOS | Siri Arts Centre: Museum of Contemporary Art A. De Felice, the Museum of Modern Art O. metelli and the Archaeological Museum of Terni

The area was born thanks to the reconversion of the ancient papal ironwork still active since 1793, tuntil years ago, it hosts hen became chemical industry and active in about 5600 mq many spaces for the experimentation, culture, innovation as for example The Secci theatre, that, among the many activities during the year, there is also the season of prose (

The most interesting things by CAOS, are the Archaeological Museum of Terni the Museum of Contemporary art Aurelio de Felice.

The Archeaological Museums of Terni, inaugurated in 2004, occupied by rooms once dedicated to the warehouses of the industry, and formed by a suggestive modern setting with detailed information panels in two languages: a route of 17 rooms, that tell and show the origin and the first occupation of the ancient Interamna Nahartium, city included between two rivers: Serra and Nera, that were as natural defense. In particular there are funeral trousseau relating to the necropolis of the Acciaierie dated back around the Age of Iron, San Pietro in Campo and the former Alterocca Polygraph dated back around the western and the archaic Age, a period included between the X and the IV century BC. Don’t miss the finds relating to the settlements and dated back to the same temporal space, situated in Maratta Bassa, in the urban area that corresponds, in great part, to the small promontory included in the historic centre, and the worship area of the territory, also in the Roman period.

In the Roman section the inscriptions, parts of the architectural elements and many artifacts, show the urbanization of Terni and the general organization of the Roman city since the III century BC to the V century AD, relating to the religious sphere, to the urban development in I century BC, to the aspect of the municipal life, the uses and habits of the funeral trousseaus

The Museum of the Contemporary Art Aurelio De Felice, hosts in the first floor the contemporary section, where we find paintings of the realistic background going from the acstract art of Gino Severini and Giulio Turcato and the production of the years ’70 and ’80 of the lasr years, and then to arrive to the sculptures of Agapito Miniucchi; spaces also for the post-modern experiment and referring to the works of the young artists linked to the territory.
On the first floor we find the ancient collection, collections of woeks dated to the XIV and XV century, to arrive to the period fo the Grand Tour arrives to the middle of the XIX century: from Maestro della Domirtio Virginis to the florentine Benozzo Gozzoli, to arrive to Piermatteo d’Amelia.
Going on we find the monographic works belong to Orneore Metelli and Aurelio De Felice,beyond 250 works that are the graphic collections: Léger , Braque, Chagall, Mirò, Picasso and others.

THE INTEGRATED TICKET THE INTEGRATED TICKET gives the possibility to spare and visit 5 museums: it includes the archaeological site of Carsulae, the museums in Caos ex Siri, the permanent palaeontology exhibition and the Roman amphitheatre (on booking). The integrated tickets are available to the ticket-offices of Caos or to the archaeological area of Carsulae.

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