Grottino del Nera

A long tradition of over 150 years: handmade and artisan production of the typical dishes.

The Restaurant Grottino del Nera was born in 1850 as hotel and post-house for the coaches and only later transformed in a restaurant.

Situated in Arrone, along the SS209 5 minutes by car from the Lower Outlook of the Marmore Falls, since years represents a excellent place to eat for people who loves the Umbrian traditional cousine, in particular dishes with truffle and meat.

Every day, both at lunch and dinner, in the Grottino del Nera cooking we prepare tasty Umbrian typical dishes and specialities with passion and tradition of a time.

important is also the date of the raw materials selection, preferring the genuine, simple and local ones.

The Restaurant Grottino del Nera, that takes the name that flows vicinity, is today run by Chiara Marconi, the great niece of the founders.

The local specialities are of course the dishes of the local Umbrian tradition, among the handmade pasta, meat cooked on embers and on spit, river fishes - in particular trout and shrimps -, wild meat where the truffle is the main ingredient.

But in the week-end you find also pizzas, baked in the traditional wood oven.

A rich and varied menu, distinguished by a mix of tradition and innovation, able to satisfy all the taste. careful choice of the raw materials for first and then the priority of the territory, as truffle, the Umbrian meats, the wooden asparagi and legumes.

Among the various specialities, the cousine proposes:

bruschette with olive press oil
crostini with truffle
salami and ham of Norcia
cheese and mushrooms of the area
spelt soaps
ciriole with asparugus and porcino mushrooms
tagliatelle with black precious truffle of Norcia
pappardellen with boar
cacciagione on spit
chasseur boar
faraona alla leccarda
tagliatelle with trat
risotto with river shrimps
shrimps with green sauce and on grid
roasted river shrimps
truffled troat
grilled vegetables and typical sweets

By the restaurant are available also about 40 national and local labels, ideal for delicious dishes of the typical Umbrian dishes.

It is also the possibility to eat a tourist menu from 15 € composed of boar ragu, mixed roasts on embers, side dishes and drinks.

Strada Statale Valnerina 209 - Arrone (Province of Terni)

Tel. +39 0744389104

Cell. +39 3469895580



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