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The Municipality of Terni and the Province of Terni are the owners of the lands covered by the Marmore Waterfalls Park.
The Directorate-general of Public Works and Maintenance of Heritage manages all the technical and administrative activities related to the naturalistic area and the tourist development of the territory.
The tendering procedure experiment which has led to the assignment of support and tourist-logistical assistance services within the Temporary Business Association 165m Marmore Falls area is one of the main activities carried out by this Organizational Unit.
Relations between the Municipality of Terni and the Temporary Business Association 165m Marmore Falls are currently governed by the contract no. 38065 of 17th August 2015.

Institutional references:
Surveyor Federico Nannurelli - tel. 0744/549570 - e-mail: federico.nannurelli@comune.terni.i

The Temporary Business Association 165m Marmore Falls, managing authority of tourist and logistical services of the tourist and excursion area of Marmore Falls, is a group of cooperative enterprises of the Province of Terni operating in several areas: social sector, tourism, environment and culture.
Its activity is focused on the promotion of the hospitality values, the quality of service and the job freshness and dynamism, in accordance with cultural and anthropological traditions of the territory.
What follows is a short presentation for each individual company.

ACTL Social Cooperative

  • The Social Cooperative ACTL was born in 1980. The services include: the old people, the handicapped people, the psychiatry, the children, the drug addictions and the alcohol abuses, culture, sports, social tourism and animation. In the social tourism, it started since 1998 some projects finalized to the evaluation of Terni, Narni, Amelia territories and the lower Valnerina, promoted in collaboration with the Public Bodies. Since May 2004 the Cooperative ACTL takes part of “Terni Musei” Enterprise Temporary Association that manages the main museum realities of the Ternanan territory and since the 1 January 2006, of “165 m Marmore Falls”, the Enterprise Temporary Association that manages the tourist services of the Marmore Falls (Terni). The Social Cooperative Actl is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and SA 8000. For further information: www.cooperativasocialeactl.it Contacts and Head OfficeSocietà Cooperativa Sociale ACTLVia Aleardi, 4 - 05100 - Terni (TR)Tel. +39 0744 420106Fax +39 0744 402376E-mail info@cooperativasocialeactl.it
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ALIS Social Cooperative

  • The Social Cooperative ALIS was born in 1993 (to the sense of the law 381 of 1991) with the purpose to take on the general interest of the community to the human promotion and the social integration of the citizens through the activities and services finalized to the work insertion of the handicapped people. The sectors of the activities are: social and industrial cleaning service; building maintenance services; excursion and tourist escorts and ticket office services; private and public green maintenance services. ALIS does works and services for Private and Public Bodies as: the Municipality of Terni, the Municipality of Arrone, the Province of Terni, ASM, land-reclamation syndicate Nera-Tyber. The Cooperative has moreover presented and managed several projects finalized to the work insertion of disadvantaged people (professional training projects, work insertion projects, LSU and LPU projects). Contacts and Head OfficeVia Aleardi, 4 - 05100 Terni (Tr)Tel. +39.0744.420106 Fax +39.0744.402376E-mail: coop_alis@libero.it
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Sistema Museo Cooperative

  • Sistema Museo is a cooperative Society which has been dealing with supply and competencies in the cultural assets branch for 25 years. During the years, a market-oriented approach has allowed our Society to grow and consolidate, developing deeply specialized new services. Our strong points are the expertise of our partners and an accentuated entrepreneurial autonomy.Nowadays, our Society ensures services in about 150 seats, among museums, monuments, archeological areas, environment parks, theatres, libraries, archives, tourist offices and temporary exhibits in 11 italian regions, configuring itself as one of the first italian companies within the specialized market of tourist ad cultural services. Our society sets out to be a real cultural system, where a large number of managements and widespread activities within the involved territories compose a homogeneous whole of cultural offers, itineraries, specialized vocational trainings, information and editorial support. Head Office and Contacts:www.sistemamuseo.itwww.sistemamuseoshop.itwww.umbriatolive.it Perugia, Via Danzetta, 14 - 06122 tel. 075.573 8105 fax: 075.572 3132 mail: segreteria@sistemamuseo.it Terni, Largo Don Minzoni, 4 - 05100 tel. 0744.422848 fax: 0744.438852 mail: segreteria@sistemamuseo.it
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Diocesan Centre

  • Diocesan Centre In the middle of ’80s two young boys of the diocese of Terni, father Antonio Maniero and father Francesco De Santis, carry out what today could be described as a "great folly”, trying to organize for many young boys the summer holidays, decided to submerge to undertaking to buy in parish name that lead, a Salesian institute in the municipality of Cittareale in the province of Rieti. The building, then named Casa Vacanze don Bosco, became the place where together thousand of children and young boys of the dioceses, savoured the beauty of staying together and growing up together in the light of friendship, simplicity and sharing. During the summer adn wintertime, in the middle of snow, full of activities and did all the initiatives of meeting place that during the years are going better. Leaving the parish, the two persons had again more significant and important role and in the meantime absolve the administrative role of the Diocese of Terni-Narni-Amelia. For the occasion of the jubelee of 2000, the body had the possibility to renovate different buidlings for the accomodation of poor people and pilgrims but few years later, it rises a great problems and a definite management of that structure that had pubblic financing. Perplexity in a direct management from the diocese and rents without happy ending, demonstrated other feel like doing something new in them. They became vice-president and president founding in 2006 the Diocesan Centre, a social enterprise with the purpose of managing groups, families and tourists in general and in particular with the attention of the ecclesiastical world. Today the structures of the diocasan centre are a place for many people who suffer and look for a landing place or an atmosphere of the great family. In our structures, in fact, people aren't only tourists but also guests of the Diocesan Centre, the hoapitality is the service ... From the great “folly” of many years ago was born an history that today has five different management among whom ten employees and some with porblems also reported by several parish priests of the diocese. Administrative Centre:Diocesan Centre ~ Impresa Social EnterpriseTel. +39 0744 300708Fax +39 0744 308365email: info@accoglienzadiocesana.it
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Civita Cultura Srl

  • Civita Cultura s.r.l. (already Civita Servizi s.r.l.) was born in 1999, the Civita association's intention is to take the chance for new possibilities in the cultural goods and to create a "global operator" able to offer additional services in the arts and archaeology. The society had experiences in the promotional, organizing and managing services with an intervetion of an integrated offers all over the national territory in the multi servcies range. Thay have information rooms in Rome Neaples and Milan with regional seats that work in precise territorial places as Triveneto and Sicily. In this point of view tha operations of the society organize with the Abete group that allows to strenghten,through the participatory Gebart, the presence in Lazio and Marche, and the recent takeover of the recent majority acquisition of the capital of Florentine laboratory that becomes one of the controlled from Civita Cultura s.r.l. and guarantees the presence of Civita in Tuscany. Head Office of Roma Piazza Venezia, 1100187 Roma Tel: +39 06 6920501Fax: +39 06 69920563incontra@civita.it
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